‘You are our Paul Pogba’: Morgan slams Arsenal outcast Ozil as battle continues on Twitter

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The two fighters resumed their tit-for-tat on social media with the commentator accusing the German of being selfish.

Arsenal supporter and television personality Piers Morgan accused Mesut Ozil of being the Gunners’ equivalent of Paul Pogba in an extraordinary spiel on social media.

Morgan and Ozil have regularly clashed on Twitter over the years, with their last exchange coming shortly after the German international was kicked out of Arsenal’s Premier League and Europa League teams.

The 32-year-old’s exclusion has led him to not play a single minute for Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal so far this final season of his contract at Emirates Stadium.

Despite his exile from the first team, many Arsenal fans still support Ozil, who joined the North London club in 2013 and helped them win three FA Cup titles.

The German international used his Twitter account to thank the Arsenal fans who have supported him during his difficult time, posting a photo of him playing at the Emirates Stadium with the crowd in the background.

“The feeling of having fans behind you … #grateful #bestfans #hardtimes,” Ozil posted.

However, the tweet prompted an angry response from Morgan, who accused Ozil of being Pogba’s Arsenal equivalent, and the TV personality insisted that the playmaker was Seflese and was not endorsed by the club’s true fans. .

“The true Arsenal fans are not after you. You are our Paul Pogba – massively overpaid, massively underperforming, and incredibly inflated sense of your own importance. #Truth.” Morgan tweeted.

Ozil responded quickly, calling Morgan “bitter.”

Morgan began his war of words with Ozil in April, when he accused the former Real Madrid star of being selfish when the Covid-19 pandemic threatened jobs at Arsenal.

“People like Mesut Ozil who just said: ‘Sorry, no. He may be one of the highest paid players in Arsenal, one of the highest paid in the world, he may be worth billions and I feel my back at the moment doing nothing, but no, I’m not going to take a pay cut, “Morgan said in his Good morning show Great Britain.

Morgan and Ozil also exchanged several tweets last month with the broadcaster reiterating their request for the midfielder to leave Arsenal during a heated round trip.

Ahead of Arsenal’s meeting with Leeds United at Elland Road that weekend, Ozil wrote on Twitter: “Let’s goooooo.”

The tweet prompted a response from Morgan’s gunners, who said, “I wish you would, Mesut. For your sake and Arsenal’s.”

Ozil chose to respond, and his answer could certainly raise some eyebrows.

“Piers, was it really you, or was your phone hacked?” was Ozil’s reply.


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