Woman sues Watson: Contract ‘a big screw you’

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Two women who have accused Deshaun Watson of inappropriate sexual behavior condemned the Cleveland Browns for giving the quarterback an NFL record guaranteed contract of $ 230 million after trading for him.

“It’s like a big screw you,” Ashley Solis said of the Browns in an interview on HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel,” which airs Tuesday night. “That’s how it feels. That we do not care. He can run and throw, and that’s what we like.”

Watson faces 22 civil lawsuits from women who have accused him of inappropriate sexual behavior during massage sessions. Two major juries in Texas have refused to prosecute criminal charges, and Watson has denied any wrongdoing.

The NFL is investigating whether Watson violated his Code of Conduct policy; the league interviewed Watson in person last week as part of his investigation. At the NFL’s spring meeting in Atlanta, Commissioner Roger Goodell said he thinks the league is nearing the end of its investigation, but he could not provide a timeline for when a decision may fall.

In addition to slapping the Browns, Solis told HBO she felt threatened by Watson after their massage session.

“He just said, ‘I know you have a career to protect,'” she said. “‘And I know you do not want anyone to mess with it, just as I do not want anyone to mess with mine.” For me, it was when, that was when I got really scared. “

The Browns switched to Watson two months ago, sending the Houston Texans a trade package that included three first-round picks to complete the deal. Cleveland then gave Watson a new five-year contract worth $ 80 million more than the previous high set when reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers signed his extension with the Green Bay Packers earlier in the offseason.

Kyla Hayes, who has also accused Watson of inappropriate sexual behavior, called the contract “sick.”

“I felt like he was being rewarded for bad behavior,” she told HBO.

Leah Graham, one of Watson’s attorneys, told HBO that Watson “does not regret it because he did nothing wrong.”

“He did nothing wrong in these massages,” Graham said. “And though – to your first question, ‘How can he be innocent?’ I think the real question is, ‘What evidence is there for any reason?’ “

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