Wijnaldum reveals difficult situation with friend Van Dijk after knee surgery

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Liverpool midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum has revealed that he found it difficult to get close to his Dutch teammate Virgil van Dijk after his knee surgery.

Van Dijk underwent extensive surgery in October after tearing his ACL against Everton.

The dutch He had proven to be a stalwart on the Reds team, playing in every Premier League game for two seasons.

As such, Liverpool I have felt his absence in the rear, not only for his maximum defense. Wijnaldum has now said that he experienced similar feelings without his good friend being around.

In fact, he also admitted that he was not sure whether to speak to Van Dijk so soon after the operation.

“At the beginning it was quite difficult because you don’t know if you can call or it is better to leave him alone,” the midfielder told Liverpool. official Web site.

“I have to say, it makes it easy for me to call him because he called me most of the time and texted me most of the time.

“Normally what I did in the beginning was just a quick text message on WhatsApp that I was thinking about him and I prayed for him and that sort of thing.

“It was also because I didn’t know how he felt and everything, but now I see that he’s pretty good.”

Van Dijk recently posted a photo of himself on social media at Liverpool’s new training facility. However, it will be some time, possibly not before the end of the season, until he returns.

However, Wijnaldum did offer an update on how his international teammate is progressing.

Wijnaldum offers injury update

“He handles the situation well, he’s positive about the situation and everything,” he added. the 29 year old said.

“Now we call quite often because I know I can. But at first for me it was a bit like, ‘Can I call him or not?’ because I can understand that in a situation where he was, you also want a little rest and a moment for yourself.

“At first it was a bit of looking for the right way to approach it. But now it is going very well. “

Liverpool will return to action on Sunday when Wolves are the visitors to Anfield.

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