Who will be the next player to sign with Puma? #bootsmercato

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After formalizing the arrival of Raphaël Varane, Puma should not stop there. But who will be the next player to sign at Puma?

Who’s next ? After snatching Neymar in September 2020, then signing Kyle Walker and Lucas Digne in recent weeks, Raphaël Varane has just signed with Puma Football. A new arrival which testifies to the good health of the German brand and above all to its desire to come and seek voice shares in the field in the months to come.

For this, Puma will have to sign yet other players and we wanted to project ourselves a little by analyzing the possible footballers who seem to date on the sponsor transfer market. So who will be the next player to sign on with Puma? A prognosis?

Raheem Sterling at Puma? > probability: 10%

This is one of the players where the mystery still reigns today when on behalf of his next sponsor. Nike ambassador for years, Raheem Sterling now seems far from the American brand and has been wearing a full black version of the Phantom Venom for several months. But then, who will secure his services? If Puma could be considered a favorite a few months ago as an outfitter for Manchester City, it is rather New Balance who seem to be holding the rope and the player has recently shown himself with a special pair of Furon v6 full white. It’s hard to know where he’ll go, but to this day Puma seems out of the game.

Ederson at Puma? > probability: 90%

Unlike Sterling, his teammate Ederson seems to have a great chance to sign with Puma Football. Future Z on his feet and gloves Future on his hands, the Manchester City porter does not hide his attraction to the products of the German brand and seems more than ever in the optics of signing.


Anthony Martial at Puma? > probability: 20%

If we had written this article a few months ago, the probability would have been well over 20% and rather close to 60-70%. Indeed, throughout the first part of the season, Anthony Martial wore Puma crampons, the Ultra more precisely. While it was thought to be very close to becoming a member of PUMAfam, he finally switched to the Mercurial Vapor and has been postponing his iconic model for a few weeks now. There is no saying that this will no longer be possible, but the planets are currently no longer aligned.

Robert Lewandowski at Puma? > probability: 80%

Robert Lewandowski at Puma, it could be THE big hit of the year 2021. Considered (rightly) as one of the best number 9 in world football, the Bayern player also seems far from Nike for a few months. Instead, he makes no secret of training regularly with a pair of full black Future Zs and could therefore perfectly become the face of the new Puma silo. Alongside Neymar, the visibility of this pair would still be quite incredible.

Willian at Puma? > probability: 80%

Like Ederson, the Arsenal player seems closer than ever to Puma Football and to become the new face of the Future Z. Whether in training or in matches, Willian never leaves the new agility silo of the German brand and no longer touch its Nike. Regardless, it is interesting to note that on his official Instagram account, he continues to follow Nike accounts as opposed to Puma. The famous 6-month clause could therefore be at the origin of the non-officialization of its new sponsor and it would therefore simply be necessary to wait a few more months to see him become an official face.

Arkadiuz Milik at Puma? > probability: 30%

With the arrival of its great striker in the last transfer window, OM could well have offered a new target for Puma Football. Already very comfortable with signing players who play in clubs where it is the equipment supplier, the German brand did not take long to have its Future Z tested by the former Napoli player. It only remains to follow the evolution of this new association to know whether or not the Polish could sign with Puma. One thing is certain, the equipment supplier of OM knows how to use this position so special and has already proven its worth.

Arkadiusz-Milik-crampons-puma-future-z - 2

Thiago Alcantara at Puma? > probability: 0%

Last player who appears today on the sponsor transfer market, Thiago Alcantara. On the other hand, unlike all the other players, it is difficult or even impossible to think of a signing in favor of Puma since since he began to trade his Nike crampons, the player regularly appears in adidas. It is therefore difficult to see it switch overnight at Nike.

Photo credits: Milik (om.net) / Ederson (Twitter @iF2is)

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