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HENDERSON, Nev. – When it comes to the Las Vegas Raiders’ new regime of coach Josh McDaniels and general manager Dave Ziegler and the future of franchise quarterback Derek Carr, a fork has popped in the way.

More concisely, three separate paths.

So which one do they take? Time will tell. Which one should they take? Depends on your fidelity and, yes, common sense. But if you were to take Carr at his word – he always tells journalists he’s telling them the “truth” at media conferences, right? – the road should not be long or winding.

So go for a walk with us every way with us.

“My goal when I came here was to give everything I have to this organization, to let our fans know that I give it everything I have and I will always continue to do so – on the season, without for the season – and whether the situation is great or not, it’s okay … There’s still more and I want to do this.

“I’ve said it over and over again – I would probably quit football if I had to play for someone else. I’m a Raider for my whole life. And I’m going to mess with a team for the rest of my life, and it’s Raiders. I just feel it so strongly in my heart. I do not need a perfect situation, I believe in it. I do not need a perfect situation to fix things. … I would rather go down by ship if I have to. ” – Carr, in a minicamp on June 15, 2021

The path: With all the guaranteed money on the then record five-year, $ 125 million extension he signed with the Raiders on June 22, 2017, paid out, the Raiders simply guarantee the $ 19.8-plus million left on his 2022 deal and dangling idea about a $ 30 million-plus extension or franchise for 2023 as a sort of reward or thank-you note.

The rationale: Carr’s words spoke a lot, so take him up on them. The Raiders must sign Pro Bowl defensive MVP Maxx Crosby and Pro Bowl receiver Hunter Renfrow for expansions that would be cheaper than a QB’s. Do you remember what happened the last time the Raiders put a star-studded rusher on their backs after taking care of Carr, Gabe Jackson, Justin Ellis and Seth Roberts? As Raiders owner Mark Davis told ESPN.com at the time, they reckoned Khalil Mack would honor his contract and play under the $ 13-plus million fifth-year option in 2018 before the team would reward him with the richest contract ever for a defensive. plays the following year. Nix. A disturbed Mack held out in training camp, and the Raiders blinked and switched him to the Chicago Bears.

Carr honors his deal while being guaranteed money in the process, giving the team financial flexibility to meet other needs. And it gives both Carr and the new regime a season to get used to each other without jumping into something that might not work in the long run for either party. For what if Carr’s skill set does not fit McDaniels’ system and vice versa? The QB market and the money will still be there at the end of Carr’s current deal. But it’s not about money, is it?

I look forward to taking the first snap at that stadium and I look forward to taking every snap from here on out – until I’m done. “- Carr at the Raiders renaming ceremony from Oakland to Las Vegas on Jan. 22, 2020.

The path: The Raiders are skipping the diet and fully committing to the guy who has pretty much all the records set in franchise history but a career record of 57-70 and no playoff wins in eight seasons, with an extension over the market.

The rationale: Figures as high as $ 40 million per. season was talked about last week and then … nothing. Carr fans insist he is worth every penny, that he led Las Vegas to the playoffs last season with an unreasonable amount of adversity and have put numbers despite problems on the offensive or at the receiver that he took a team-friendly deal in 2017 to stay with the Raiders. Except … it was the richest contract in NFL history at the time. Yet whether he deserves it or not is not the point here; Expanding Carr shows a commitment from McDaniels and Ziegler and, yes, Davis, that the are they willing to “go down with the ship,” so to speak, or ride the said ship to unknown parts. Hopefully, for them, for a title.

A big debate on social media is whether Carr is a top-10 quarterback, and if so, he deserves to be paid as such. Fair enough. But such a commitment would basically be like buying an invisible house, as no one still knows how Carr, who turns 31 on March 28, fits into McDaniels’ attack. An extension that pays Carr between $ 30- $ 35 million per season appears to be more tasty.

“My agent [Tim Younger] have a good relationship with everyone in [Raiders] organization. We do a good job of communicating; we have a great back and forth about many things. There have been many things to communicate about this year. When the time comes, I will never be a ‘face-to-face’ guy. I have to play quarterback. My message will be talked about. They can do whatever they want with it. … I’m not going to have dinner and say, ‘We have to do something’. I’m not that guy. I want to do my part and let my voice be heard in a different way. ” – Carr, after the playoff loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on Jan. 15, 2022.

The path: Swap Carr for a bounty of choices that must include at least one first-time player.

The rationale: Yes, Carr’s quote about going down with the ship last summer raised eyebrows in the Raiders building, and his statement that he would probably retire instead of playing for another team could have been an attempt to lower his market value. But if the Raiders have seen everything they need from Carr – he is who he is after eight seasons – and if anyone is willing to help McDaniels with a rebuild thanks to at least one first-time player for Carr, what would it be? robbery?

Not for nothing, but the NFL Nation recently held a QB carnival – for lack of a better expression – and after kicking the tires off a starter-to-start trade for Russell Wilson that included safety Johnathan Abram (it was summarized and expected rejected by my Seattle Seahawks reporter counterpart, Brady Henderson), I accepted an exchange offer from Washington Commander reporter John Keim.

I swapped Carr out with the Commanders’ first-round pick (No. 11 overall) this year and a conditional fourth-round pick in 2023 who would become a second-round pick if Carr leads Washington to the post-season in 2022 with at least 10 wins and sign an extension there. I also resigned Marcus Mariota for being the starter (hey, like Carr he would also learn a new system under McDaniels and is more willing to extend games, a prerequisite in the new coach’s red zone offense) and used that No. 11 pick at draft Ole Miss QB Matt Corral. And the new regime is underway, without puns.

That, of course, is easier said than done, especially since you would hope the Raiders would have a plan in place if they moved on from Carr. With the Raiders going a whole different Patriot Way in the coaching staff and front office, there are at least three QBs who know McDaniels’ system intimately who may soon be on the market and would cost less than $ 40 million per season: Jimmy Garoppolo, Tom Brady and Brian Hoyer. But that’s a different story for another day.


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