how to choose the right size of football boots?

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When you go out and buy a pair of new football boots, many questions probably arise. Which should I choose, what do the individual abbreviations mean, how do I maintain them?

Football boots Q&A

To make it easier for you, we have made this Q&A about football boots and have the answer to the most common questions. If you have more, you are welcome to write them to us in the comments field, and we will both answer your question and add it to the list below.

Which football boot should I choose?

It is a little science to choose the right shoes when you need to find a pair that you can wear on the court. First, you need to fit in the size. If you try the shoe in a store, you must check if there is room for the shoe.

It may be a good idea to try on shoes in the afternoon when your feet are a little swollen after the day. That way you simulate how your feet feel after a match and you can find shoes that fit. Remember to bring a football sock.

When you have the shoe on, walk around the store with them. If they sit well, then it’s fat. If they do not, then you need to grab another pair.

How should football boots fit?

If this is the first time, you need to buy football boots, you can kindly assume your normal size. Then you can always adjust the size depending on the shoe type and material. If you choose a shoe-in leather, it gives itself more than a shoe-in artificial fabric.

Basically, your football boots should sit close to your foot and they should not wrap around the foot. As a general rule, there should be an inch from your toe to the tip of the shoe. If so, the shoe fits properly.

Which football boots are good for wide feet?

Football Q&A, PUMA king

If you have wide feet, you have different options for football boots. PUMA King is just one boot that you can use. Besides being made of leather, which is a material that gives more than plastic does, they make the boots wider around the foot, so there is plenty of space in it.
You can also use most of New Balance’s shoes, as they are wider than average. If you want a third alternative, then the Adidas Copa Mundial, which is also wider over the foot than many other football boots.

Want to see more examples of wide football shoes? You can read our guide to the subject here.

What are football boots made of?

The material of your boot depends entirely on the manufacturer behind it. They make some boots of leather, just like the boots of the 70s and 80s, while they make others of plastic.

Why do football boots smell? And how do I prevent it?

If we do not air the shoes after use, then they will smell. Therefore, always remember to take your shoes out of the bag EVERY time you have used them. That way you avoid odour nuisances. Also remember to wipe them with a damp cloth if dirt has fallen on them.

If the boots already smell, then you can use BioSpray in the shoes. They remove the odor if you use it properly.

You can see many more grooming techniques in our guide to soccer boot care .

Can football boots get in the washing machine?

NO! Never put your boots in the washer or dryer. You risk destroying both shoes and machines, and then it can quickly become an expensive affair. Instead, you can keep your shoes clean, ventilate them after use, and wipe them off each time we have used them.

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What do football boots cost?

The price of football boots is very different. Prices often start at 449 DKK and can run up to a few thousand kroner. The price depends on the material and the features that the individual shoe has. Leather shoes are often more expensive than microfiber and faux leather shoes.
The manufacturers of the shoes often make several shoes in one series, so there is something for every price range. That way, you can still get a nice shoe that looks like the expensive version without paying the box for it.

How do I avoid blisters when I use my football boots?

First, you can check if your shoe size is right. If your shoe sits and squeezes, you can easily get blisters. Normally you should be able to play in your shoes right after you buy them and that you should not go out and wear them.

If you want to be sure not to get blisters in your shoes, you can buy TruSox. There are socks with small nipples on the underside that ensure that you do not slip in your shoes and you, therefore, do not get blisters.

If you still have blisters when you play football, blister patches and possibly sports tape in the exposed areas are the only answer.

What do FG football boots mean?

FG is an abbreviation for Firm Ground and means that we must use the football boots for solid surfaces. The boots are suitable for ordinary grass pitches.

How to tie football boots?

There are many techniques for winning one’s football shoes. It is often difficult to imitate such things in writing, so we refer instead to “How to tie your shoelaces like a pro” from the YouTube channel Football Boots. Here, the host shows several techniques on how to tie your football boots just like the professional ones.

Are Nike football boots small?

Nike football boots are slightly larger than other football boots. Therefore, if you are used to wearing a 42 in shoes, you will probably need a half or full size down when using Nike.

However, always remember to try on the shoe before you buy it. Then you are sure whether they suit you.

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