Where, when and at what price to buy re-editions of the adidas f50?

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Along with several distributors, adidas has brought the f50 back to life. But where, when and at what price to buy these different models?

Since its withdrawal from the line of adidas soccer cleats, the f50 has left a monumental void in the hearts of practitioners. Emblematic model of the early 2000s and notably embodied by players like Lionel Messi and Gareth Bale, the f50 and its multiple variations throughout its history are back thanks to the X Ghosted range. Indeed, based on the brand’s new three-stripe speed shoe, it was the silhouettes of iconic colors and versions that were relaunched. In collaboration with no less than six different distributors, adidas has therefore brought its flagship model back to life in an unprecedented way.

If all the players communicated on the products during the same day and some players are already wearing the pair on the ground, the marketing dates differ according to the pairs and the distributors. To not miss any launch and be able to acquire this color that has caught your eye since its release, here is a summary of the models, prices and dates when you can claim to buy these limited editions.

Where to buy the different colors of f50?

By using different distributors who are based all over the world, adidas has not made it easy for those who would like to purchase the Ghosted f50. In fact, you should know that each pair will be sold exclusively by the distributor with which it is associated. The black and yellow f50 presented by Pro Direct Soccer and currently worn by Callum Hudson-Odoi was for example only sold on the Pro Direct Soccer site and not at Unisport, Soccer.com and the others. Nevertheless, and in order to centralize all operations, the adidas.fr site will also be one of the platforms on which you can rush to buy these pairs. Phew.


When will the f50s be released?

If you’ve finally found where to buy the f50, trust us it’s not the hard part. Indeed, in addition to the multiple distributors, the six models of f50 will be sold on different dates! Going from December 3, 2020 until December 15, 2020, the sale of these crampons will give enthusiasts a cold sweat since it will constantly be necessary to be on the alert to claim to be one of the buyers. Conversely, for those who will not be available on a date, this process will be an opportunity to fall back on another color.


At what price will the re-editions of the f50 be sold?

The other important question is obviously the price. Iconic model, limited edition. One would have thought that the price of these different models would have exploded and yet they will all be available at 250 €. A totally justified price since halfway between the X Ghosted + at 280 € and the X Ghosted.1 at 220 €. Nice gesture.

The detail, model by model:

adidas f50 Ghosted Adizero x Pro Direct Soccer

Price: 250 €

On sale date: December 1, 2020 – 10 a.m.

Lieu : ProDirectSoccer.com / adidas.fr


adidas f50 Ghosted Adizero x Unisport

Price: 250 €

Date on sale: December 3, 2020

Lieu : Unisport.com / adidas.fr


adidas f50 Ghosted Adizero Prime x 11 TeamSport

Price: 250 €

On sale date: December 6, 2020 – 10 a.m.

Lieu : 11teamsports.com / adidas.fr


adidas f50 Ghosted Adizero HybridTouch x Soccer.com

Price: 250 €

On sale date: December 9, 2020 – 10 a.m.

Lieu : Soccer.com / adidas.fr


adidas f50 Ghosted Adizero x Nikys

Price: 250 €

On sale date: December 12, 2020 – 10 a.m.

Lieu : nikys-sports.com / adidas.fr


adidas f50 Ghosted Adizero HybridTouch x Futbol Emotion

Price: 250 €

On sale date: December 15, 2020 – 10 a.m.

Lieu : futbolemotion.com / adidas.fr


Photo credit: Son (Twitter @ iF2is) / Featured Photo (Instagram @11teamsports)