When would Minnesota replace Justin Jefferson, if ever?

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The Minnesota Vikings will have to make some tough choices with their roster. Will they trade Justin Jefferson to build for the future?

While the Minnesota Vikings are breaking things down and figuring out how they want to rebuild for the future, they need to research almost their entire list and decide who they want to keep and who they want to move to help rebuild.

It includes the young, ingenious wide receiver, who is Justin Jefferson.

Jefferson is young and valuable. In his first two seasons in the NFL, he has caught 196 passes for 3,016 yards and 17 touchdowns. He is likely to be a dominant recipient in the coming years. He could be a good piece to build an offensive around, or he would be one a team could swap some interesting drafts for.

So will the Vikings really look to move Jefferson?

Minnesota Vikings: Should the Vikings really consider dealing with Justin Jefferson?

The 22-year-old recipient is phenomenally talented. He is one the Vikings should focus their reconstruction around. While a trade may provide some good draft picks, there is absolutely no guarantee that the draft will produce a player who is as good as or better than Jefferson is at the moment.

It’s a dangerous bet to assume that Jefferson could easily be replaced by someone in the draft.

The only way a trade would at least make sense to the people of Minnesota is if the Vikings could get more draft picks and an already solid player in return.

But there is no guarantee that it will happen.

Instead, if Minnesota is focused on building for its future, the Vikings would be wise to dump some of the heavier contracts they have to work around. After doing so, Minnesota should focus on putting together an offensive featuring a young quarterback who throws touchdowns to the star receiver they have in Jefferson.

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