What will Lukaku’s crampons be?

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While he seemed close to engaging with Nike by wearing a pair of Phantom GTs and a Mercurial, Romelu Lukaku is now training in adidas Copa!

When you’ve been a brand ambassador for several years, it’s hard to find the right pair and the right equipment supplier in a few weeks. Previously under contract with Puma and face of the One line for a long time, Romelu Lukaku left the leaping feline brand almost at the same time Neymar arrived. A sudden choice and not necessarily expected but which since, seems to pose problems of studs to the striker of Inter.

romelu-lukaku-adidas-copa-20 +

After being noticed with a pair of Copa 20.1 at the beginning of September, it is towards Nike and the Mercurial silo that the Belgian international has headed. An obviously legitimate choice for an attacker since the silo of the American brand is dominant in the world of crampons, but which has finally been replaced by the Phantom GT over time. Since then, the man who has already scored 12 Serie A goals continues to change his studs while apparently having a little fondness for Mercurial. Well until today since the Belgian trained with a pair of Copa 20+! From a lightweight shoe made of synthetic material, the Inter striker therefore switches to a leather model without laces. A fairly incredible big gap when you know the little habits of footballers, but which confirms that the player is ultimately still without an equipment supplier contract.

So, who will be Romelu Lukaku’s equipment supplier? The bets are open ? adidas or Nike?

Photo credits: Twitter @inter

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