What was said to have caused an incident between PSG and Basaksehir

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One of the small advantages of empty stadiums is that we can hear what is said between the players, while that could also help explain what happened to cause the mess between PSG and Basaksehir tonight.

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We could see on the television cameras that something was clearly said by the fourth official to the Turkish bench that sparked a furious reaction before Demba Ba was sent off for confronting the match referee who made the comments.

It’s pretty clear something terrible was said because both teams teamed up to get off the field and it looks like the game will restart without the match official in place so it will be a big mess for UEFA to solve.

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Get French Football News’ excellent Twitter feed has given an indication of what was said during the incident, so it gives us a better idea of ​​what may have happened here:

We obviously haven’t heard the last of this and more will emerge in the coming days, but it’s the clearest explanation yet of what happened to spark the incident.

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