What is the lightest football shoe?

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We’ve had the chance to chat with many professional players about their cleats, and a lot of times lightness is one of the first things they look for in a soccer shoe. So we present you our top 6 of the lightest shoes among those which are the most common.

Before going into the details of the ranking, it is important to tell you how we made our selection. We weighed the shoes of the six brands featured and kept the lightest of each.

#6 – Mizuno Morelia Neo 3 – 218 grammes

In sixth place, we find the Mizuno Morélia Néo 3, the only leather shoe in this ranking. And yet, it weighs only 218 grams, which is not at all far from the shoes that precede it. It’s a light shoe, it’s a speed shoe and the other amazing thing about it is that it’s the only shoe that only uses round cleats when the next ones will mostly use chevron cleats for a better acceleration. In addition to these characteristics, its strong point is obviously its comfort thanks to the legendary Mizuno leather.

#5 – Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 – 210 grammes

Just in front of the Mizuno, we find the Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 with a weight displayed at 215 grams. And we bet that like us, you did not expect to find it so low in the ranking, especially when you know that the Mercurial is THE benchmark speed shoe and that it was the first shoe to have “this title” after being created for Ronaldo in 1998. To come back to the Mercurial and its technologies, we are on a 360 ° Flyknit design, that is to say that the shoe consists of a single piece of Flyknit, a fine, flexible and light textile mesh enveloping the entire the shoe. Then at the level of the sole, we notice two plates unified by a frame, which made it possible to remove material and therefore to lighten the shoe.

Small precision all the same before moving on to the rest of the classification, it was weighed in a size 44 against size 43 for the others, since all the shoes used correspond to my size and that at Nike which size small, I always use one size above.

#4 – adidas X Ghosted+ – 203 grammes

We advance to 4th place in the rankings, occupied by the X Ghosted +, the latest evolution of the X silo from adidas designed to help you become the fastest version of yourself. This shoe, it weighs only 203 grams. A weight that it owes in part to the Mirage Skin technology used for its coating. It is in fact three super fine and super light synthetic layers which are superimposed to compose this low rod which allow a good support and a certain freedom of ankle so as not to hamper you in your movements and therefore in your acceleration. Still on this aspect of speed, and we will see that it is not the only shoe in this case, the adidas X Ghosted is inspired by sprint shoes.

#3 – New Balance Furon v6 – 196 grammes

Indeed, it is also the case of the shoe which is on the third step of the podium, the New Balance Furon v6 represented by Sadio Mané. It is the first ranking shoe to go below the 200 gram mark, And this despite the fact that it is also a size 44 for the same reasons as the Mercurial. A Mercurial to which it is also very, very close. We have an almost identical silhouette with a layer of Knit covered with a protective film, a slightly higher collar and a sole which, apart from the fact that it is unified, is exactly the same as that of the Mercurial. So in summary it’s almost the same thing but lighter. Well done from New Balance.

# 2 – Puma Ultra 1.1 – 171 grams

It’s here Puma Ultra that we find in second place, and we bet that many of you thought that it would have been the lightest shoe! But unfortunately for her, with her 171 grams she has to be content with this second place. We still notice the huge leap forward compared to third place since we have just gained 25 grams. Once again we are on a shoe with a textile coating, this time mixing polyester, carbon and Kevlar fibers. A set that makes up the MatryxEvo technology developed following feedback from Puma athletes who expressed the need for more support on the side to keep a foot locked inside the shoe, and a material that does not stretch with time to keep the same level of maintenance. And this is precisely what MatryxEvo technology allows while using a single layer of material, immediately making the shoe lighter.

# 1 – Umbro Velocita 5 – 168 grammes

It’s time to unveil the lightest football boot, and it’s a big surprise: the Umbro Velocita 5. Unveiled at the beginning of this year 2020, it is made up of a very thin but above all super hyper flexible sole. And that must matter in the weight of the shoe as well as its three-layer coating with neoprene, TPU and technology Memory-Flex which offers great elasticity and flexibility since it can stretch in four directions.

And besides, we made you win this pair on our Instagram account!

To come back to what we said in the introduction, it is important to say that even if lightness is an important criterion for the pros, we notice that it is obviously not the only one since the Velocita may be the shoe the most. lighter, we only see it very little, if not at all on the ground. Unlike the Mercurial which weighs 40 grams more and which is the most worn shoe in Europe.

And if you, behind your screen, you doubt the importance of the weight of your shoe, we drew the parallel with running with our colleagues from runpack who explained to us that weight was vital in their universe. Even if only 20 grams separate two pairs of shoes, imagine the number of kilos that represents when you add up the strides and the kilometers run. From 20 grams on the scale, we go to several kilos in a marathon and it is these details that can tip a race. In football, the notion of stride does not have the same scope but a lighter and more dynamic shoe can save that tenth of a second which will make the difference on an acceleration in the 90th minute of a decisive match.

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