Werner struggling compared to Chelsea striker failures

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Is Chelsea striker Timo Werner the new Fernando Torres? That is the question we ask ourselves today.

We all know Torres’s story. Once arguably the best striker on the planet, Chelsea broke the British transfer record by shelling out £ 50 million (according to BBC Sport) to sign it. Despite showing sporadic signs that the player of yesteryear was still inside of him, he was never the player he once was.

Since then, Chelsea fans have worried that the arrivals of big-name forwards may follow Nando’s lead; I know, I am one of them. With Timo Werner now struggling to find the back of the net, and Sky sports reporting at the time we disbursed £ 45 million for him you may be forgiven for asking questions.

To accurately judge whether Werner is on his way to becoming the latest disappointment, or whether Chelsea fans’ concerns are misplaced, we’ve compiled Premier League stats from several big-name forwards who made it to Stamford Bridge and not They lived up to expectations, and this is how Werner compares to them in his first 16 games.

Timo Werner: P: 16, G: 4
Fernando Torres: P: 16, G: 1
Andriy Shevchenko: P: 16, G: 3
Claudio pizarro:
P: 16, G: 1
Radamel Falcao:
P: 10 *, G: 1
Álvaro Morata:
P: 16, G: 9

* Falcao only played 10 Premier League games with Chelsea, thankfully.

Werner actually has the second-most goals during that span, behind only Alvaro Morata, who started fast before declining. Certainly the German would prefer to do the opposite.

Despite currently being on a sterile streak, Werner has eight goals in all competitions, which is more than can be said for most forwards in the league, and he has been playing openly.

Chelsea fans must trust Werner to rediscover the powerful scoring touch he displayed against Southampton. He is not the next Torres, or rather the statistics do not suggest it.

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