Wendy has just put Joe Judge, Giants, in a body bag

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Already this week, Joe Judge was to deal with being fired by the New York Giants. Wendy’s kicked him while he was down with a devastating tweet.

Wednesday was National Roast Day, and Wendy’s took advantage of setting aside their Twitter account to roast everyone who came.

No one was safe, especially not the New York Giants and former head coach Joe Judge.

It started when Will Brinson of CBS Sports used the Giants’ infamous Fan Appreciation Day gift of a medium soda to take a peek past the fast food chain.

Wendy’s responded with a perfectly placed plug right to the referee’s belly by bringing his third-and-9 QB sneak up against Washington.

Joe Judge’s QB sneak on 3rd and 9th became a Wendy’s punchline

Judge is going to be mocked over that call in the coming years. Wendy’s excavation comes just soon enough after his firing to really twist the knife.

The Giants hired Judge as head coach in 2020, after making a name for himself as the Patriots’ special teams coordinator. He started his tenure 0-5, but made some progress on his way to a record of 6-10 and a second-place finish in the NFC East.

Whatever progress was made, it seemed to disappear in 2021. New York took a step back, while fans became more and more frustrated with Judge’s approach. Controversy over several comments he made during his two years in the prosecution did not help his case.

Although Judge appeared to survive Black Monday, with coaches typically fired at the end of the regular season, he was eventually relieved of his duties on Tuesday.

Now Judge is a punchline.

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