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“If you can just make strong eye contact with Beckham for about 20 seconds, your football knowledge will grow exponentially. Sometimes I just have FaceTime him and I’m like, ‘Don’t talk. Just stare at me. ‘”
Ryan reynolds, The Hollywood actor and new owner of Wrexham [ITV’s This Morning]

“Animals. Nice guy too. He was the first one every single day. He wanted to be the last one to leave the gym, the last one to leave the building every day. These were the days before Instagram and Twitter and made it ‘Gram. He did. “for himself, he just wanted to be the best he could be. The question between Messi and Ronaldo I will always say Ronaldo. He is a machine. That level of mentality, phwoah.”
I care on his former Manchester United team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo [JaackMaate’s Happy Hour Podcast]

“When we played a lot of time when I was in Madrid against Messi … do not talk about Messi to the players. They get scared. I’m not trying to talk too much about Manchester City. ”
Carlo Ancelotti in front of Everton-Manchester City

“I have to say a special thank you to ‘Drago’ – for the pass and because he is on my fantasy football team! I’m also on my own team, so I must have gotten a lot of points this week. ”
Dusan Vlahovic After a short tussle with the defender, Bartlomiej Dragowski finally tucked the ball home

“He’s so powerful. If you look at him, you think, ‘Oh, trouble.’ The way he finishes is just ridiculous. He believes so much in himself. There’s a little jawbone about him. You have to to be a little picky. Like Pele … the wish they have. They want to kill. They look at the defender and think, ‘You will not be able to stay with me.’ “
Thierry Henry at Erling Haaland [Sky Sports]

“I signed there and of course Ronaldo ‘Fenômeno’ was there. He already had so many injuries to his knee, his weight. But then we do four v four in training … oh my God, Rio! I have clapped, I have screamed, I have bent. I was like, ‘You pull this off now. [Imagine] you at your best? It was the best ability I’ve seen in my life. ”
Ruud van Nistelrooy [Rio Ferdinand Presents FIVE podcast]

“Allen Iverson’s jersey was one of the first I bought. Seeing someone like him dominant among the giants was an important source of inspiration for me. I wear the No23 jersey because LeBron James also inspires me. I used to have No24 because it’s the day my daughter was born.I had a little argument with my wife for this change, but eventually she understood.What impresses me about LeBron is the fact that he manages to switch teams and bring all his “teammates to the highest level. Cristiano Ronaldo is LeBron James in football. He has the talent, the desire to work hard and longevity, and he brings his desire to win in every team.”
Nicolo Barella [Sky Sport]

“I’m sure Cristiano will show up extra motivated – not just to score goals. He has an extra ambition when he represents the national team and I am sure he does not think about personal goals but realizes ambitions with the national team. I know he has a really big dream of playing and winning a world championship. That is his main goal. ”
Fernando Santos [A Bola]

Benzema. He is a unique player. He has an incredible season, he had an incredible season last year and he has had several incredible seasons in his career. His finishing is magnificent. ”
Rodrygo about who is the best player in the world [FIFA.com]

Rodrygo on Benzema, Casemiro, Neymar and the World Cup

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Rodrygo on Benzema, Casemiro, Neymar and the World Cup

“A month ago I had a private meeting with the pope. It was a very emotional day for me. He liked that I had three children. He likes big families and encouraged me to get more. He told me I had plenty of time for that right now, and yes, you can not deny the Pope a wish. ”
Ciro Immobile [Marca]

“Robert Lewandowski. What he has made of his potential, how he pushed himself to become the player he is today, that’s extraordinary. Lewy took every step he needed to be that goal machine. Everyone “Lewy is an absolute machine.”
Jurgen knocked on the best player he has ever coached [Bild]

“I love the mentality that the women’s team has. They expect to win every single game. That’s the mentality we need. We’re working on it.”
Gregg Berhalter urges his USMNT to learn from the USWNT [CBS Sports]

“If you’re a banker, you can do it all your life, but if you’re a footballer, you’ll have to find something else to do when you ‘re in your mid – 30s. I see some similarities between watchmaking and football. In football, if the whole team is not perfect, you will not win. It’s the same with a watch: if everything is not completely in place, the watch will not work.
Stephan Lichtsteiner on his new profession

“If you play with him, you play with half a man more because he gives intensity and volume that is excellent and unique. It’s a pleasure to train him, a great gift to me. ”
Thomas tuchel at N’Golo Edge

“It was completely new to me, because in France we do not really have the hatred, except between Paris and Marseille, which I did not play for. I remember Pat Rice coming to me and shrugging my shoulder and saying, ‘You, it’s the derby this weekend, so you better be ready.’ I was like ‘Woah, ok then!’ Even when I first came to the track for warming up, people threw things at us. You could feel the hatred and I liked it. ”
Bacary sagna at the North London Derby [Goal]

“He looked like a stranger. We were used to Ronaldo and Christian Vieri, but he immediately impressed us. Against Real Madrid there was Luigi Di Biagio, Clarence Seedorf and myself over the ball, but Hector Cuper wanted Adriano to take the free kick. He fired a missile home.Di Biagio and I could not believe our eyes.He ran to the bench while we stopped because we did not think he could hit the ball so hard.
Marco materazzi on Adriano [La Gazzetta dello Sport]


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