Weatherman takes a relentless shot at the Cowboys during the weather forecast

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A weatherman delivered the most devastating burn to the Dallas Cowboys about their recent games during his 10-day weather forecast.

The Cowboys have not won a Super Bowl in more than two decades. They have only won four playoff games in that period and have not been to a single NFC Championship game.

They have not lived up to expectations in every way since the heyday, despite being one of the most popular franchises in the NFL.

For Cowboy fans, it hurts. For all the other fans in the NFL, it’s an opening to watch “America’s Team.”

A weatherman for the WJHL in Tennessee did so during his weather forecast. And he struck them hard.

Weatherman takes a relentless shot at the Cowboys during the 10-day weather forecast

“Now we’re looking at our 10-day forecast. It’s a bit like the Dallas Cowboys that peaked in the ’90s,” the weatherman said.

Dallas won the Super Bowls in 1992, 1993 and 1995. They certainly dominated the early 90s. That’s a fact. That they have not accomplished much of anything since is also a fact.

Weatherman 1, Cowboys 0.

How much longer will people be able to tear Dallas over their lack of recent trophies?

That question needs head coach Mike McCarthy and quarterback Dak Prescott to answer over the next few years. The 2021 squad went 12-5, but was knocked out of the playoffs by the 49ers. The 2022 squad again has high expectations.

If they can not get it done this year or down the line, then it falls to the next head coach or quarterback to come along.

Until then, the jokes keep coming.

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