Wan-Bissaka Reveals Detailed Advice From Fernandes On Man Utd Influence

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Manchester United winger Aaron Wan-Bissaka has revealed the advice he receives from Bruno Fernandes in an attempt to add more to the team’s attack.

Right-back Wan-Bissaka has established himself as one of the best defensive backs in the Premier League. In fact, he has a penchant for crucial interceptions and excels in one-on-one situations.

However, United has rarely relied on the 23 year old to provide a commanding strike force. In fact, his goal against Newcastle in October was just his first high-level goal.

As such, the right-back has said that he continues to work on his attack. What’s more, he has revealed advice from the midfielder Fernandes to help increase your influence in the future.

“I work on it [attacking]”The defender told United’s matchday program ahead of New Year’s Day clash with Aston Villa.

“The staff is helping me do that all the time during training. They like me to go up and connect with the attack, when I can.

About Fernandes, Wan-Bissaka said (via Manchester evening news): “Help everyone, on and off the field.

“He tells me before the game what he thinks I should do and what positions he thinks I should get into when he receives the ball and where I should be.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka Man Utd

“He has done it with the other players and I can see that, along with the impact it has had.

“When I scored my goal [against Newcastle] He said he couldn’t believe he could shoot! That goal was to show you! “

United headed his clash with Villa within three points of Premier League leaders Liverpool. They also start their FA Cup campaign against Watford later this month.

Wan-Bissaka names Man Utd goals

When asked about the name of his ambitions for the season, Wan-Bissaka said: “Just for the team to finish as high on the table as possible and hopefully bring some trophies back to the club.

“The upcoming game against Watford is another cup match and it is certainly a competition in which we want to go far. I think we’ve just turned a corner from the slow start of the season.

“You can see where we are now, how things have changed. The results have been good and I hope they continue ”.

Wan-Bissaka has remained a mainstay in Ole Gunnar Solskjaerteam, which the manager has rotated often.

But Solskjaer has defended his use of various formations and players.

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