Von Miller explains why he left the Rams for the Bills

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Fresh after winning a Super Bowl with the Rams, Von Miller decided to embrace a new challenge by signing with the Bills.

Von Miller did not just sign with the bills this year looking for a payday. He has opened his eyes to the story.

The two-time Super Bowl winner is looking for a third, and he thinks Buffalo is the team that helps him do that.

Of course, he could have also put up with the Rams in hopes of winning another ring in Los Angeles, but there was more to his decision than that.

Von Miller explains why he left the Rams for the Bills

“I could have just stayed in LA and just driven out into the sunset and just hurried with Aaron Donald and stacked sacks up, but I was not happy. I was not happy where I was. I still wanted more,” he explained. Miller. “To come here selfish and be the only guy who’s ever won three Super Bowls with three different teams, selfish, that’s what I want.”

If Miller wins a Super Bowl with the Bills, he will be the only player in NFL history to win three rings with three different teams. Many have done so with two different franchises, but never with a third.

So Miller obviously wants to write history, but there were 29 teams he could have chosen to do so. Why the bills specifically?

“This is a special team, they’re right on the edge and I just wanted to be the last straw to outrun these guys,” Miller said.

Buffalo is actually closed. They went to the AFC Championship Game in 2021 and were seconds from going again before suffering a freak loss to the Chiefs in overtime earlier in the year. Miller can really be the piece that puts them over the top.

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