Village chief Smith will “admonish” Grealish’s internal leak

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Aston Villa manager Dean Smith said he will reprimand any potential internal leakage after news of captain Jack Grealish’s injury emerged long before Sunday’s 2-1 Premier League loss to Leicester City.

Grealish was left out of Villa’s lineup due to a blow to his leg during training, although that was made public before the game, leaving Smith irritated by the advantage it may have offered the Foxes.

The English international is a key figure for Villa, having played every league game this season through Sunday, scoring six goals and also second in most assists this season with 10.

“I found out on social media that there were rumors that he was not going to play,” Smith told BBC Sport.

“If that comes out of our training ground, I will find out where it came from and reprimand whoever it is.

“It’s something I wouldn’t be happy with.”

Smith added that he was still unsure of the extent of Grealish’s injury.

“Jack had some discomfort during practice Friday and we took him out,” Smith said. “It is not a recurrence of an injury, it is not a long-term injury, I only had a slight discomfort.

“We will evaluate it and find out where we go from here. Knowing Jack as I do, I am sure he will endeavor to return as soon as possible. “

Villa, eighth in the Premier League, is absent at Leeds United on Saturday, ahead of a series of games against Sheffield United, Wolves and Newcastle United.

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