Vikings fans get an exciting update on Adam Thielen’s return

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Minnesota Vikings tight-end Adam Thielen feels “fresh” as he returns to his team in the OTAs after an ankle injury that put him on the sidelines late last season.

In a way, Minnesota Vikings tight-end Adam Thielen is looking for a “fresh start” – or a “refreshed start”, for that matter.

Thielen has no plans to leave his hometown team anytime soon, especially not in his 10th season with the Vikings. But Thielen feels “fresh” and “energetic” as he starts up again at OTAs this summer, eager to get back on track after being out of the game with an ankle injury last December.

Thielen struggled through ankle pain to play in a week 16 game against the Los Angeles Rams, leading to a serious injury that required surgery. But Thielen feels effervescent as June approaches, expecting a decade as a cornerstone of the Vikings’ attack.

“I feel fresh, I feel energetic, I think the culture that has been created here is just a breath of fresh air,” the broadband phone said in an interview with Fox 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul. “It just makes it exciting to be here and work.”

Adam Thielen “feels young again” as he returns to OTAs from ankle injury

The native of Detroit Lakes, MN, turns 32 before the NFL season begins, but Thielen does not appear to be worried about playing through his early thirties. After the ankle surgery, “Thielen feels young again.”

“[The ankle] is great, it feels good to be out here and feel young again and fresh and not have to worry about my ankle, ”said Thielen. “Not being out there, it’s hard. … I do not take my reps out here for granted, for who knows when I’m done and will not be able to play this game anymore.”

The infamous tight-end was on its way to its first 1,000-yard season since 2018 before the injury occurred, according to Instead, Thielen played 13 games and managed 726 yards and 10 touchdowns during the 2021 season.

Thielen also feels rejuvenated by the fact that he will be working on a new playcaller this year in Kevin O’Connell, the former Los Angeles Rams offensive coordinator who led the team to a Super Bowl victory.

“When you hear about the news [O’Connell being named head coach]you look a little back at the track record and you look back at what [the Rams] did and you are excited, right? ” said Thielen.

“But then you get in here, you start learning the system, and you start getting on the field – really, when you get on the field and you start running through things, you’re like a man, this is fun. This is exciting.”

“When I talk about a breath of fresh air and a kind of rejuvenation, it’s because when you come out here, it’s like things make sense, and it’s exciting.”

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