“Very interesting!” – Arteta saves Mourinho’s ideas from the Tottenham documentary

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The Spanish coach followed the Spurs coach closely when he watched the all-access television series

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta says he has learned from José Mourinho after seeing his Tottenham counterpart in the team’s documentary series.

The Spurs were the focus of an Amazon series that followed them throughout the 2019-20 campaign and launched this year.

Arteta confirmed that she has watched the show and gotten some ideas from the successful coach ahead of Sunday’s clash.

“Very interesting. It’s great to see inside other football clubs, other ideas, other coaches, other organizations,” he told reporters at a press conference ahead of the North London derby.

“I like to see that, I do that with other sports too because there are many things you can take, and also a coach like Mourinho who has been in many different countries, in all of them he has been successful so there is a reason for that.

“There are some important moments in that documentary where you can choose some relevant things about why it is getting the success it is getting.”

The former Gunners midfielder has been struck by the cruelty of the former Chelsea, Manchester United and Real Madrid manager and his handling of tough times.

“I usually like two things. Firstly, the head coach, the coach, whoever he is, what he needs to create is a level of commitment to the players, the club and the fans, and a level of belief that his ideas Get you a great buy? If you don’t, it won’t last long, “added Arteta.

Mourinho has something really special, whatever it is that he wants to get into the football club, he manages to do it and he believes that somehow the players in the end execute what they want to do. And who does not do it is not part of that. When I talk about being ruthless it is not only on the field but also with some decisions that you have to make.

“And the second, I would say, is how you navigate through difficult moments. All these coaches have had difficult moments. I have been part of a coaching staff with difficult moments. The important thing is how you react in difficult moments and how the club fans they react in difficult moments. “


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