Unknown adidas cleats land on the pitches

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While many new studs have emerged, a young player from Bayer Leverkusen has shown himself with a new prototype.

With the recent releases of the Predator Freak, Copa Sense, Future Z, and Mercurial Vapor 14 and Superfly 8, it was thought that new studs would be scarce for a few weeks. This was without counting the desire to always innovate equipment manufacturers. Thus, on the side of Bayer Leverkusen, the young Florian Wirtz stood out with a pair with a new look and which could therefore be an evolution of a model or a total novelty.

Still new from adidas?

As we have known for a long time, the process of creating a pair of crampons is long, very long. Often close to 24 to 30 months, this design phase is obviously enamelled by field tests. Regularly, it is the youth categories of clubs under contract with the brand that are used to make the first returns. This allows for less leakage since the training sessions of these young categories are only rarely highlighted by photos or videos. Once this passage is done, it is professional players who begin to test the prototypes. A second important step which validates the concept and the innovations.

And it is precisely at this stage that this new original prototype seems to have arrived. At the feet of the young Florian Wirtz who is one of the revelations of the Bundesliga season from the top of his 17 years, we discovered a pair with a completely new look and deprived of any relationship with a brand. But then, why advertise that they are adidas crampons? Looking at the history of the player and his crampons, it is impossible not to associate adidas with this test since despite his young age, the Bayer Leverkusen player already has all the codes of the ambassadors of the German brand with many publications highlighting the X Ghosted from adidas.

New X Ghosted? New silo?

Assuming that this is a pair of adidas crampons (we could obviously be totally wrong), the question is now what is this pair? Coming back to the player, he has always worn the X range since his beginnings. We can therefore perfectly imagine that this is a new version but the timing could still be surprising since the X Ghosted was only unveiled six months ago now. So a new silo? One thing is certain, the Predator Freak and the Copa Sense have nothing to do with this story since they have barely left the adidas factories. All that remains is the Nemeziz range which could afford an update in the coming months …

What is however clear with these photos is that this new pair will be with laceless technology! For the rest, we will probably have to wait to see it at the feet of other players who will then give us new clues.

Photo credits: Facebook @ bayer04leverkusen

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