Tyrant Mathieu’s quote about leaving Chiefs and Kansas City is heartbreaking

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Tyrant Mathieu sweepstakes are coming to an end and the Kansas City Chiefs appear to be out with their former superstar.

Mathieu detailed what it was like for him to hear the news that the Chiefs were moving forward in the security position with Justin Reid. Instead of trying to negotiate with Mathieu – or revealing their hard line in the sand about a contract – Reid received the offer, which Mathieu never made.

He was crushed.

“Brother, I was depressed,” Mathieu told Sam McDowell by Kansas City Star. “Heartbreak. Heart. Broken. I could not understand it. I could not, man.”

Mathieu went on to say that if the Chiefs had simply offered him Reid’s contract, there is a chance he would have taken it after a bit of haggling.

“To be honest, if they would have offered me Justin Reid’s deal, I would obviously have tried to negotiate, but if that was where they drew their line in the sand, I probably would have taken it,” Mathieu said. “I probably would have taken it. Agents will do their thing, but in the end it’s the player’s decision whether he wants to sign it or not.”

Tyrant Mathieu crushed by Chiefs

Whether this is just Mathieu playing up for his exit or not, it sounds (from his point of view) that Kansas City has never really entertained the idea of ​​bringing him back for whatever reason.

“I do not think she understands how hard I took it,” Mathieu said of her fiancé, Sydni Russell. “I do not like to move. I hate this.”

Mathieu, who took Reid’s contract, especially on a multi-year deal, would have been a major pay cut for star safety. Odds are that he will receive more money in free agency, even if it takes a while to reach that point.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles and his hometown of the New Orleans Saints have all expressed interest in Mathieu. Eventually, the hard feelings will subside. But so far, it still hurts to leave the winning culture in KC.

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