Twitter reacts when snowstorm (temporarily) threatens Arsenal’s trip to West Brom

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West Bromwich Albion and Arsenal supporters were forced to wait impatiently for the fate of their showdown at the Hawthorns on Saturday night, after a heavy snowstorm took over the Midlands.

With the fast start approaching, concerns began to grow over whether the match would continue when a blizzard covered the field in a blanket of snow. The outfielders worked quickly to make the lines visible on the green grass below the white, and referee Martin Atkinson was happy that the game went on.

Mikel Arteta, Sam Allardyce and Martin Atkinson
Damage assessment | Michael Regan / Getty Images

But with the game at risk, you on Twitter were at your best, as always.

While there was a fear that some players would not thrive in these conditions, a man who would be in his element came to mind. Scotsman Kieran Tierney will be more used to cold weather than some players who come from sunnier climates, and we all knew he would be well prepared for this ride in the snow.

However, a foolish man was quick to doubt how tough Tierney would be under these conditions …

But Tierney did not disappoint.

And we all laughed a lot at the defender’s expense anyway. Fair play for the boy, is made of harsh things.

But if there’s one game you don’t feel like, it’s a trip to Sam Allardyce’s side in the freezing cold, with the snow falling. Mikel Arteta must have been fearing the worst …

Some gooners weren’t convinced of their team’s chances in such a difficult set of conditions, and excuses began to surface before a ball was kicked.

Even divine intervention won’t save you from Big Sam, buddy.

Luckily for soccer fans everywhere, the pitch was sanctioned as safe and playable, and this false alarm was simply a minor mishap before Saturday’s big show.

More snow is forecast for around 7:30 pm, so things could still get interesting once the game is up and running …

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