Twitter goes crazy when Manchester United starts 2021 with a controversial penalty

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2021 is supposed to be a new beginning for everyone. 2020 was the stuff of nightmares, but this year is the perfect time for change.

Well, unless you’re from Manchester United.

If you’re from Manchester United, you can expect another year of penalties.

United welcomed Aston Villa at Old Trafford on New Years Day, but channeled their 2020 inside in the 60th minute when they won another penalty – the 11th of the season in all competitions. That’s 11 in 25 games, which is a downright ridiculous record.

Paul Pogba fell in the area and was deemed to have been brought down by an irate Douglas Luiz, who insisted he did not touch the Frenchman.

The referee did not hesitate to give the penalty and the VAR agreed with the decision, and while there was clearly slight contact, Villa was furious at how little it took to get Pogba to the ground.

As usual came the excellent Bruno Fernandes, who shot on goal from the bottom left for his billionth goal for the club since joining 12 months ago.

Penchester United? Bruno Penandes? Choose your option. They are not funny anyway either.

Fernandes’ penalty was enough to lead United to a 2-1 victory over Dean Smith’s team, helping the Red Devils level the points with league leaders Liverpool after 16 games.

It is the third Premier League game this season in which a Fernandes penalty has earned United all three points, which is mental.

He has already been directly responsible for the victories over Brighton and West Brom, and now Villa can add their names to the ever-growing roster!

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