TRUtenacy, soccer shoes and socks are one

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A little over a year ago, TRUsox unveiled the TRUtenacy, its first pair of soccer cleats. A pair that is now officially available for sale to the general public.

Seeing Gareth Bale use the TRUtenacy, it should have put the chip in our ears. 15 months after its official launch and its distribution reserved to only 500 lucky people, the brand’s first pair of crampons TRUsox is now officially available for sale worldwide and is revealed in a little more detail. The opportunity to learn more about this rather enigmatic pair which promises a combination of socks and shoes absolutely unique in the world and flawless support.

We therefore had to wait more than a year to finally see this pair of TRUsox crampons arrive on the football boot market. A relatively long delay which may have sowed doubt among many practitioners but which will have been quickly forgotten thanks to its use by the Welsh Gareth Bale. Historical ambassador of the socks brand TRUsox, the former Real Madrid player was indeed displayed with this new pair during a training session which therefore looked like a life-size test. Barely a few days later, the American brand formalizes the launch of the model and especially its marketing all over the world at a price of 280.95 €, or at the same prices as a Nike Mercurial, adidas Predator or Puma Ultra!

What are the advantages for TRUsox’s TRUtenacy?

So what are the advantages of this pair that justify this price of 280 €? First of all, it is interesting to note that with the purchase of a pair of TRUtenacy, the American brand “offers” a pair of TRUsox socks and a patented TRU insole. A global package which is justified by argument number 1 of TRUsox, that shoes and socks become one ! « The secret of TENACI is our unique patented sockliner technology that works by applying nanofiber materials to the top and bottom of the sockliner. The patented locking system inside the TENACI creates a seamless interconnection of layers of material that locks the foot. When worn with TRUsox, we have created a unique system that eliminates any slip of the bare foot on the floor, creating unparalleled stability without compromising on comfort or weight. Can we learn on the official website of the equipment manufacturer.

Thus, by eliminating the slippage on the whole of the foot, no energy is lost by the practitioner. The foot-shoe relationship, already greatly improved with the use of performance socks, now goes further with a pair of shoes complementary to a pair of socks! If the feeling of support and locking of the foot is an important element of this new product, TRUsox did not want to focus only on the inside and therefore relies on a Four-layer knit upper that emphasizes fit, feel and shape. The brand even promises ” ano break-in period For this shoe! Available in two outsole versions, one for firm ground and one for soft ground, the TRUtenacy is only revealed on a black base embellished with the famous white squares that have been the TRUsox signature since the early 2010s.

The TRUtenacy soon on the professional grounds?

If the pair showcases a classic look and interesting tech, hard to believe that this will be enough to make them a shoe that will thrive on the courts. Nowadays, to exist in the eyes of the world, the use by athletes is something essential. We see it with PUMA which has enlarged its fold and which today seems unstoppable but we also see it with brands like Under Armor which have struggled to land en masse and which today seems to be drawing a line on football. On the side of TRUsox, the current relations with many football players will inevitably be assets to try things and we think in particular of the Colombian Falcao, historical muse of the brand who did not fail to congratulate the TRUsox team on this outing on social networks. What if the former Monegasque also appeared in TRUtenacy?

The next few weeks of existence of this pair will in any case be interesting to follow, as will the evolution of the brand’s voice. From our side, we hope to be able to offer you a test as soon as possible.

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