Tottenham star wanted by championship trio amid change of plan

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Three suitors have sprung up in the race to sign Jack Clarke on loan after Tottenham softened its stance on letting him go, according to a report.

Clarke has been with Tottenham since 2019, but has yet to play for them in the Premier League. His only two appearances for the club have been as a substitute in the Europa League.

The winger was on loan out of Tottenham twice last season, first returning to Leeds, where he had played before joining Spurs. and then switch to QPR.

Neither spell was particularly successful. He did not start a single Championship game for either side in 2019-20.

Tottenham decided not to lend it again for the new season to make sure it wouldn’t suffer a limited role elsewhere. However, his position has now changed.

According to Football InsiderThe Spurs are now open to loan Clarke in January so his development doesn’t stagnate anymore. There are three applicants for your signature.

Stoke, Coventry and Sheffield Wednesday would like to lead the 20-year-old to the championship during the second half of the season.

It looks like all three stakeholders would be ready to give Clarke a big role as they look to improve in the New Year.

The three clubs have different ambitions for the rest of the campaign, but they see Clarke as someone who can help them achieve their respective goals.

Attack target says Spurs move is not ideal

Meanwhile, a player rumored to be joining Tottenham has questioned the chances of a move in January.

Spurs have been linked to a Bundesliga forward who was a target for them in the summer and may be drawing their interest again thanks to his scoring exploits.

But despite previous indications that it would be open to move, it appears that you are not considering a move yet.

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