Tottenham is wasting Harry Kane’s time

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He may not like it because he thinks he should have faced Raheem Sterling in the semifinal of the 2018 World Cup.

You may not like it because it faces opponents who jump on it.

Or you may not like it simply because it always scores against the team you support. Or his slight lisp. People like to make fun of it.

Harry Kane, Gareth Bale
What a view. But that’s where it ends. | Chloe Knott – Danehouse / Getty Images

But regardless of all of the above, there is no denying that Harry Kane is an exceptional player. By most standards and certainly for Tottenham, he is a generational talent. He recently passed Bobby Smith’s scoring streak to place second on the Spurs all-time list and is just 57 behind top ranked Jimmy Greaves. Internationally, he will almost certainly surpass Wayne Rooney’s record for goals for England.

He’s a Tottenham lad through and through, so it’s easy to understand why the club’s fans idolize him so much. It is brilliant. His ability to deepen and link the game has become even more apparent this season, and the rest of the world is beginning to understand that particular part of his game.

Unfortunately for Kane, he is a brilliant player at a not so brilliant club.

Tottenham fell 3-0 to Manchester City on Saturday night. On a basic level, that’s not exactly horrible. City have been brilliant in recent months and will continue to win the Premier League in a season that sometimes seemed like a nine-horse race.

Actually, City barely got out of second gear. They received a penalty that Hugo Lloris couldn’t avoid, the Frenchman then failed to stop Ilkay Gundogan for the German’s first, and a long ball over the top and a pair of shimmies proved too good for Davinson Sánchez to deal with.

In fact, if you look at the defense that José Mourinho chose to face City on Saturday night, it shows just how far those in the club’s hierarchy have not invested in players who can match Kane’s skill level.

Ben Davies has been a loyal servant to Spurs since signing from Swansea in 2014, but it has been a while since he had an indisputably good game in the Premier League, and he would be out of the team if Sergio Reguilon were fit.

Eric Dier has lost kind of disaster after kind of disaster at the rear this season, Davinson Sánchez seems to have lost all confidence in his ability, Hugo Lloris’s glove holes seem to get bigger and bigger, and Japhet Tanganga, the only one that played well. – is still a child at this level.

Tottenham’s plan of attack is to ‘give the ball to Kane and Son Heung-min’, as they put their hopes on the poor defenders at the back.

They are now ninth in the league, four points behind fourth-ranked Liverpool, which is going through a meltdown of its own, and the regression is there for all to see. And as the days go by, Kane’s generational talent ages.

Simply put, Tottenham’s time is running out for their club to succeed while Kane is there.

The time to invest was a few years ago, when Tottenham was expected to qualify for the Champions League every year and a solid team in the top three. Instead, a year went by without signing and the rot began. Mauricio Pochettino received the boot and Mourinho entered as Daniel Levy desperately clung to the vein to make a success of a bloated and tired team that had reached the final of the Champions League the previous season.

In hindsight, it took a new project manager to ditch the deadwood, giving Tottenham a new identity and restructuring to become a force in a few years.

Instead, the club is now stuck with Mourinho without an identity as performances worsen with each passing game, and Kane has no obvious way out. In times of Covid, no club is going to be able to pay the rate that is asked for one of the best forwards in the world, but Kane also had nothing to be excited about during Saturday’s loss, the free kick that shook the bar.

José Mourinho, Harry Kane
Mourinho has helped ‘explode’ Kane but the team is getting worse | Pool / Getty Images

Kane hasn’t been shy about talking about his ambition as a player. He told Thierry Henry in 2017 that “three years from now,” if I haven’t won some trophies by then, I think it would be disappointing. “That was the first warning.

In 2020, while football was on hiatus, Kane reiterated: “I have always said that if I don’t feel the progression in the team or if it is going in the right direction, then I am not someone to stay there just for the sake of doing it.” That should have been taken more seriously

The tracks are there for all to see, and Tottenham is not improving. Apathy is creeping in and they have been behind a team like Manchester City or even Liverpool for years, whose current problems are well documented.

Mourinho was hired to help Tottenham win right away after years of promises with Pochettino, but right now his team’s form is horrible and there are always excuses for losses rather than admitting that the team is simply not playing well. It is worrying and does not point to a promising future.

Rodrigo, Hugo Lloris
Lloris couldn’t stop Rodri’s penalty | Shaun Botterill / Getty Images

If Tottenham ends up somewhere around ninth, it won’t be good enough for a Champions League-quality forward like Kane. You will be forced to consider your future. He will turn 28 in July, but he only has a few appearances in the Cup final to show his full loyalty to the club. You deserve better.

If you decide that a change is necessary, Spurs fans will know exactly who to blame: all the people who have wasted their time with a lack of investment and ambition.

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