Top 5 Biggest NFL Duos Not Tom Brady, Gronk

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September 20, 2015; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (7) and wide receiver Antonio Brown (84) speak on the sidelines against the San Francisco 49ers in the fourth quarter at Heinz Field. The Steelers won 43-18. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Rob Gronkowski’s decision to retire means the end of his all-time great duo with Tom Brady. What other quarterback receiver pairings are compared?

While Tom Brady will play at least one more season with the Buccaneers, Rob Gronkowski has decided to step away from the game again.

Gronkowski retires for the second time at the age of 33. Provided he follows up and remains retired this time, his retirement is the culmination of an era for Brady and the Gronk duo.

Does Brady and Gronk’s partnership live up to some of the other big NFL duos?

Top 5 Biggest NFL Duos Not Tom Brady, Gronk

Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown

There’s an argument for Brady and Randy Moss to fit into this Top 5, but they were just knocked out by the Steelers’ powerhouse pair Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown.

It ended in drama and strife, but the partnership between Big Ben and AB was supernatural for eight solid seasons before it all broke down.

Nothing proves it better than this: Brown had two of the top 10 receiving seasons in NFL history while catching passes from Roethlisberger. His 2015 reception of a total of 1,834 yards is in fifth place through the ages, and his 2014 campaign of 1,698 yards is number 10. He had six years with more than 1,200 yards to his name.

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