Tom Brady’s pitching coach has sky-high expectations for Mac Jones

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Tom House, the throwing coach who has mentored Tom Brady, Drew Brees and now Mac Jones, showered the New England Patriots quarterback with glowing praise.

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It’s one thing for Patriots fans to get hyped about what’s in store for Mac Jones, but it’s quite another if the young quarterback is already earning praise from Tom House.

House, a former relief pitcher for the Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox and Seattle Mariners, is now a renowned pitching coach for the biggest names in sports. House has trained the likes of NFL greats like Tom Brady and Drew Brees, and he’s got a new apprentice in the 2020s with Mac Jones.

House reinforces what Pats fans have seen over the past year: There’s a lot to be excited about with Jones, who was selected No. 15 in the 2021 NFL Draft behind four other quarterbacks. Jones’ rookie season, which culminated in a playoff berth and a Pro Bowl nod — the rare 2021 rookie passer to see that level of success — appears to be just the beginning. Jones spent his second straight off-season training working with House and now putting on muscle to improve his overall fitness, and House testifies that his hard work is already paying off.

“The sky’s the limit with this young man,” House told NBC Sports Boston’s Phil Perry.

Tom House puts Mac Jones in the company of Tom Brady, Drew Brees

House’s appearance on Perry’s “Next Pats Podcast” culminated in a candid conversation about Jones’ pitching mechanics and where he’s headed next. NFL fans have mocked Jones for his looks and perceived lack of mobility, but House has come up with a promising assessment: Jones has the potential to become the league’s next elite quarterback.

According to House, Jones showed he was advanced mentally during his rookie season, but his mechanics and fundamentals were good but “not special.”

In the past, House has said Mac’s arm strength is something that can be improved, and in the offseason it’s something the two have worked on together. Although NFL quarterbacks don’t throw for 60+ yards often, House believes that if he worked with Mac more, he would feel comfortable telling Patriots coach Bill Belichick that Jones could throw for 60 yards five times a game if Belichick wanted it.

Still, Jones’ work with House this summer has already affected his game. Belichick noted that he has seen a “dramatic improvement” in Jones’ second season of the season.

House continued to fuel the hype for anyone rooting for the Pats this season, suggesting that Jones’ throwing mechanics and improving footwork could be “special this season.”

House also said Jones is one of the smartest players he’s ever worked with, a huge compliment that put Jones in the company of Brady and Brees. Jones is “one of those guys” who can learn something after being instructed once or twice, House said.

Although Jones is portrayed as the successor to Tom Brady in New England, the 24-year-old passer actually has more in common with Brees, according to House. Their shared backgrounds in tennis mean that Jones and Brees have come to football with very similar footwork and broad stances. In fact, House has had to work with Brady on his “tight” stance and his “long stride,” tendencies that have interfered with his throwing motion — something that Jones and Brees perfected on the tennis court.

While not much in the way of a performance prediction, House said he believes Jones will be better in 2022 and that Pats fans will have fun watching him soar.

“With his hard work, he matches his physical with his mental/emotional,” beamed the lauded pitching coach.

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