Tom Brady’s cryptic tweet senses Twitter in a tail

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Tom Brady posted a cryptic tweet on Sunday mentioning other NFL stars and now fans are trying to guess what that means.

Every time Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady fires something up on Twitter, it will get people talking. Brady knows this, as the man has quite a few following. That’s why it’s easy to understand why NFL fans go crazy trying to figure out what Brady is trying to say with his latest post.

On Sunday, the seven-time Super Bowl winner tweeted the eye emoji, tagging Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen. What in the world does that mean?

Tom Brady’s latest tweet makes people guess what he’s saying

There are lots of theories out there with people trying to figure out exactly what Brady has on heart. Is he sending a statement to these other top signal callers to let them know he’s heading into the 2022 campaign? No one knows.

Brady announced his retirement after the 2021 season, but it lasted less than two months. In mid-March, Brady surprised everyone by writing on Twitter that he would be back in ’22 with Tampa Bay.

He has another Super Bowl in the binoculars after helping the Bucs win it all two seasons ago. Until Week 1, the Buffalo Bills and Allen Super Bowl odds are No. 1, but the Chiefs and Packers will be in the conversation all year, as well as Tampa Bay.

Brady, known as GOAT, comes from a great show in ’21. Despite being 44 and turning 45, Brady is still playing at an unreal level. Mahomes, Allen and Rodgers know it all too well. Hopefully, soon everyone can find out what Brady was referring to in his tweet. Until an answer comes, people will keep guessing.

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