Tom Brady sounds so done with the Antonio Brown drama

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady must be close to breaking his friendship with Antonio Brown at this point. Is it really worth it?

Brown’s friendship with Brady may be the best he has on the way, in part because TB12 and AB share a training facility, and that as long as the quarterback is on the receiver’s side, he probably still has some friends in NFL circles.

The moment Brady’s trust is broken, you know Brown has real problems.

Brady has commented on Brown’s Tampa Bay exit on several occasions, and at this point he seems a little tired of talking about it. On Thursday, Brown cut ties to Alex Guerrero, Brady’s coach. He even seemed to blame Brady (in part) for a meme of ‘Home Alone 2’. Whether it was a deliberate shot or not, it was not a good look.

Bucs: Tom Brady comments on the Antonio Brown drama again

Brady declined from Brown for the first time, suggesting he has a game to prepare for. However, he is more than willing to discuss the Buccaneers’ Week 18 matchup against the Carolina Panthers!

“I think there are a lot of personal feelings, of course. However, I do not think this is the week to discuss it. I just want to do the best I can as a quarterback on the team, try to put together a great week and finish strong… ”

When things get personal, Brady turns off his PR contact. The man has no time for this as he hopes to lead the Bucs on a journey to his eighth Super Bowl. 8 !!

The last thing Brady could worry about right now is Brown’s feelings or his ankle, or how he left the field on Sunday against the Jets. When Brown was available to help Brady reach his ultimate goal, he was completely Team AB.

Now? Good luck with yourself, AB.

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