“This is soccer, not ballet!” – Former Man Utd star becomes a Red Devils misfit

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Former Manchester United winger Andrei Kanchelskis has absolutely trashed current club captain Harry Maguire after his unconvincing form with the Red Devils.

The England international hasn’t been at his best for much of his time at Man Utd, despite previously sporting an excellent center-back at former clubs Leicester City and Hull City.

Kanchelskis believes that Maguire is not ideal as a United captain, and says he seems a weak character compared to greats like Roy Keane and Bryan Robson.

“He is not someone who inspires you like a Roy Keane. It’s a bit quiet and it doesn’t really shine, ”Kanchelskis told American Gambler.

“You see how Roy Keane and Bryan Robson used to fight on the field, he’s a little quiet and he needs some determination and to be a little more aggressive.

man utd captain harry maguire

Harry Maguire does not seem the ideal option to be captain of Manchester United

“This is football; it’s not ballet. “

This is damning on Kanchelskis’s part, but most United fans would probably agree that there is at least a hint of truth to it.

Maguire may be a good player, but it seems more and more that Bruno Fernandes would be the much more natural choice to lead this site.

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