These Scottish football fans react when Livingston’s all-weather pitch is flooded just weeks after the frozen surface caused another postponement

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Several Scottish football clubs have artificial surfaces installed in their stadiums. In fact, players like Kilmarnock, Hamilton Accies and Livingston have taken this step in an effort to prevent games from being canceled due to adverse weather conditions.

Scotland is famous for its harsh winters, cold weather and heavy rain, so the move would seem sensible to many, considering that very few clubs in the country can afford underfloor heating.

Livingston has an all-weather pitch, which means that by definition the surface must be suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. However, that does not appear to be the case.

Last month Aberdeen was due to play the West Lothian club and traveled down for the game, only for the referee to leave the match due to a frozen field. The match was re-arranged for last night and once again Aberdeen made the trip to Livingston only to have the match postponed at the last minute. This time the game was canceled due to a soaked court.

The situation is as funny as it is chaotic.

As such, these Scottish football fans have reacted to the incident on social media:

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