These crampons that will change in 2021

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2020 has been a rich year in terms of product releases, but 2021 will also be rich with the new Mercurial, Predator and Copa.

As the end of the year is fast approaching, it is already time to plan on what will await us in 2021 and the new crampons will inevitably be at the heart of many news. In addition to the releases of new colors which will of course be presented throughout the year and in particular before the Euro which will be played next summer, it is the technological novelties and the next updates of the silos that interest us today. ‘hui. One thing is certain, there will be innovations among the various equipment manufacturers such as Puma, adidas or Nike. On the program, Mercurial, Copa, Predator but also a Puma prototype

A Puma prototype worn by Neymar

In addition to his status as the new Puma King ambassador, Neymar has already been seen several times with a pair of masked studs. No, the Brazilian is not already going to leave the German brand but something is brewing between the two parties and a new model could easily land. While we could have thought of a signature model for the PSG player, other players have been seen with this same prototype in recent weeks which seems to herald a new generation of the Puma Future or the arrival of a new silo to complement or replace the Future. One thing is certain (or almost), Neymar will be there.


A new Nike Mercurial for 2021!

In February 2020, during the Future Forum, Nike announced that the upcoming arrival of the Air Zoom Mercurial. Nine months later, still no news of this intriguing pair but hard not to see the many Mercurial ambassadors who evolve with a pair of masked cleats whose upper looks suspiciously like this promise from Nike. Two years after the last major update of the Mercurial range, the time will be perfectly right to launch a novelty and the launch of a new Mercurial will inevitably be an important moment of the year.


Pogba already testing the adidas Predator 21 …

If Puma and Nike should therefore announce something new, adidas will probably not be put aside in 2021 and we should also discover new versions of the studs. Lately, we surprised Paul Pogba in full test of a pair of masked crampons whose shape is immediately associated with the Predator but with a different collar from the current model. It is therefore impossible not to think of the Predator 21 which could be unveiled for the first anniversary of the release of this model whose history is as iconic as the players who wore it.


… And Dybala with the new Copa 21

A few weeks ago, it was another adidas ambassador in the person of Paulo Dybala who stood out with a full black pair. Associated with the new Copa since its launch two years ago, the Juventus midfielder is arguably the best placed for what could be the next generation of adidas’ leather silo. Completely reinvented in 2018, the Copa will celebrate its second anniversary and as often, it is the moment chosen by the brands to put in place technological and visual innovations. If we are to believe the features of the pair at Dybala’s feet, one shouldn’t be disappointed.


A new Furon at New Balance?

Okay there are Puma, Nike and adidas, but the others? If the three brands outrageously dominate the football world, other brands are visible and New Balance could well be one of the brands to follow soon. Indeed, in recent days, it is the traits of a new generation of Furon that have been brought to the field. Not by Sadio Mané, but by Raheem Sterling! Formerly Nike ambassador, the Manchester City striker could both become the next ambassador of the American brand and the face of the new Furon v7! Amazing #bootsmercato.


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