The test United will use in a bid to avoid banning racism for Cavani

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According to Atlético (subscription required)Manchester United are ready to use the proof that the term ‘negrito’ is a specific nickname for Edinson Cavani’s friend in an attempt to avoid the forward’s ban.

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Cavani, who came as a free signing this summer after years of success with Paris Saint-Germain, was accused of being ‘racist’ by some after he used the word on Instagram.

The incident came when Cavani responded to a congratulatory message from a friend following his winning contribution of two goals and a substitute assist against Southampton.

Athletic adds that United hope to escape a three-game ban for this high-profile attacker by providing a ‘cultural context’ for the use of the term as it has mixed meanings in Latin America.

This point was addressed by the Independent when then-Liverpool striker Luis Suárez received an eight-game ban for saying this to Red Devils legend Patrice Evra.

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Cavani controversial Instagram post of 'negrito'

It is clear that Cavani did not use ‘negrito’ in a malicious way, as it was used as the star thanked his friend for the congratulatory message.

Athletic claim that Cavani and United have ‘written evidence’ at their disposal that would prove the term in a nickname for the friend in question.

It is added that the FA has yet to decide what offense Cavani can be charged with, if he is deemed to have used racist language, he will face a minimum three-game ban.

The Football Association is under pressure to make the right decision given the nature of the incident, as well as not setting a dangerous precedent with whatever its verdict is.

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