The Steelers won the NFL Draft with ‘best receiving prospects’ George Pickens

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From a purely talent standpoint, Greg Cosell does not think there was a better wide receiver perspective from the 2022 NFL Draft than George Pickens, now from the Pittsburgh Steelers.

When Greg Cosell talks passionately about an NFL Draft prospect or younger player, you better listen: He’s thinking of George Picken’s world.

During his most recent appearance d Ross Tucker Football Podcast, said Cosell strictly speaking from a talent point of view, Pickens was the best wide receiver prospect he scouted in last year’s draft class. The Pittsburgh Steelers used their pick in the second round on the former Georgia standout. Off-track issues and injury concerns are the reasons Pickens was not a top-32 overall pick.

Cosell believes Pickens is going to the ideal spot for him, as the Steelers organization is known for cultivating elite-wide receiver talent. He’s also going to play for an excellent head coach in Mike Tomlin.

Will Pickett-to-Pickens be united with Steelers football for a new generation of fans?

Greg Cosell: George Pickens was “the best receiving customer in this draft class”

Look – anyone who watched the Georgia program, or SEC football in general, over the last three years could have told you that Dawgs had something special about wide receiver. Pickens was the most talented wideout Georgia has had since AJ Green. Now he goes to a place where Dawgs legend Hines Ward put together an incredibly professional career. It’s good to be Pickens.

What makes Pickens such an amazingly receptive prospect is pretty simple: He knows everything. Pickens are not afraid to line up in the slot machine and take over a game as a possession recipient. Look no further than his best fight in Georgia uniform during the Sugar Bowl victory in 2020 over Baylor. He is not afraid to stretch the field (i.e. National Championship match) or take into account the run.

Pickens plays with a bit of an average streak, which is both good and bad. He will be the aggressor in most cases, which will allow him to create separation. Conversely, he will collect a penalty flag or two, and possibly be thrown out if he loses his head at the moment. Either way, Pickens has the potential to be the most dynamic weapon on the Steelers’ offense for years to come.

If Pickens can play calmly over his shoulders, no one will be able to stop him.

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