The ranking of the adidas Predator released in 2020

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Reinvented at the start of 2020, the historic Adidas Predator silo has been given many colors throughout the year. The opportunity to make our classification of the most beautiful outings.

In today’s crampon market, the Predator is probably one of the most iconic models. Like the Mercurial at Nike, the Predator has this liability and this link with the past that makes it a model that everyone knows. If its story began in 1994, the Predator has been reinventing itself regularly since its return in 2017 and it is not the last generation unveiled in January 2020 which will say the opposite.

With its animal look highlighted by these scales visible on the front of the pair and its very high collar, the Predator 20 does not go unnoticed. Highly visible on the pitch, the Predator has been at the heart of many new color releases in recent months. Before the end of 2020, we look back at the fifteen different looks of the Predator and we even start a ranking….

15. Predator 20 « Dragon »

Admittedly, the connection with the dragon seemed almost logical, but the result and these designs on the entire rod did not garner much support within the editorial staff. A design a little too daring for once.

14. Predator 20 « Shadow Beast »

Black, gray. It’s classic and it’s still a color that is found very regularly on football fields at the amateur level. Far from being a flop, the Shadow Beast colorway is simply too understated to appear higher.

13. Predator 20 « Pro Direct Soccer »

Designed in collaboration with the Pro Direct Soccer brand, this pair of Predator 20 was designed to pay tribute to a previous union between the brand and the distributor. It was in 2017 with the ACE17 + and it was already with black and pink. A nice wink but a difficult harmony.

12. Predator 20 « Locality »

Unveiled a few days after the Uniforia pack which should have been that of the Euro, the Locality pack was daring to say the least with striking colors like on the red / orange version of the Predator. While it will obviously suit those who like neon on crampons, it will not remain as the most beautiful color of the year.

11. Predator 20 « Darkmotion

A bit like the “Pro Direct Soccer” colorway, the Darkmotion pack uses a mix of pink and black. More discreet than on the model classified in twelfth place, this color combination is better highlighted.

10. Predator 20 « Glory Hunter »

Launched at the start of the new 2020-2021 season, the Glory Hunter colourway has been designed to pay tribute to the colors of the Champions League ball. An interesting wink and a rather pleasant mix of sky blue and orange colors.

9. Predator 20 « Athmospheric »

Worn only by young players under contract with adidas and therefore considered as future talents, the Predator 20 Athmospheric had notably made a place at the feet of Maxence Caqueret. Soberly black but accompanied by a touch of white and gold, it inevitably has its place in the top 10.


8. Predator 20 « Precision to Blur »

This is the latest pack unveiled by adidas and it ranks eighth. With its mixture of black and green, the Predator obviously does not go unnoticed but above all the result on the ground is really interesting. As often, once worn by the players, the colors offer a completely different look.

7. Predator 20 « Art »

Designed to celebrate the unity in the diversity and splendor of football but above all created by the artist Reuben Dangoor, the Predator 20 “Art” has never been visible on the field but stands out for the presence of a graphic design. to say the least captivating. The mix of color and design gives it a nice seventh place.

6. Predator 20 “Pogba season 7”

Flagship ambassador of the Predator range, Paul Pogba obviously received his signature pair in 2020. A color which is already the seventh in the player’s collection and which stood out by the presence of the integrated player logo in Louis Vuitton style.

5. Predator 20 « Blue Japan »

Drawing inspiration from the past to write the future is often a good way to make beautiful products. The proof with this pair of Predator 20 “Blue Japan” which draws its history from Predator Mania “Blue Japan”. Inspired by the pair that had been used at the 2002 World Cup in Asia, this pair is one of the successes of the year.

4. Predator 20 « Uniforia »

She should have been the star of the summer with visibility on the lawns of Euro 2020, she will have finally known a short existence. And yet, the Predator 20 Uniforia had a really stunning look with this mix of red and yellow on the front of the pair. Really a pity this postponement of the Euro …

3. Predator 20 « Mutator »

Red, black, white, here are the colors of the Predator. When imagining the first colorway for the Predator 20, adidas looked no further than the history of the model. It is therefore quite naturally with this triptych which still works and which will work again next year that adidas had launched its year. Don’t panic if you hadn’t had the opportunity to get it since, like every year, adidas will obviously bring out such a color in 2021!

2. Predator 20 « In Flight »

If the Uniforia pack therefore had very little visibility, the back-to-school In Flight pack was probably the most noticed in 2020. Good news for this model which mixed black, white and gold to offer a rather exceptional final result.

1. Predator 20 « Human Race »

How could a reissue of the Predator Accelerator not be in the first place? Iconic, historic, emblematic. The Predator Accelerator from 1998 is THE Predator model that still shines today. So when Pharrell Williams uses it to imagine a pair worn only by Paul Pogba, it’s bound to be a success.

Photo credits: Darkmotion, Grloy Hunter, Shadowbeast, Pogba, Art:

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