The railing collapses, fans fall as Hurts walks past

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LANDOVER, Md. A railing on the side of the tunnel leading to the guests’ locker room at FedEx Field collapsed Sunday, causing several fans to fall and hit the ground as Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts passed by.

None of the fans appeared to have been injured or needed treatment on the spot.

“As far as we know, everyone involved was offered medical assessment on the spot and left the stadium of their own free will,” the Washington Football Team said in a statement. “We are very happy that no one seems to have been seriously injured. The safety of our fans and guests is of the utmost importance and we are investigating what happened.”

A team official said it was an area for the disabled that has no seats and was designed for wheelchair access. The area where the fans gathered is designed to accommodate six people in wheelchairs plus six people accompanying them. The railing is not load-bearing and is therefore not designed to withstand hundreds of pounds when leaning into it. According to the official team, a number of Eagles fans flocked to the platform as the players left the field after Philadelphia’s 20-16 victory.

When a handful of them leaned over the railing – in an attempt to shake hands with Hurts – it collapsed and they fell about 6 feet to the ground and landed on the rail. Hurts surrounded the falling fans and was not hit.

At least five fans fell, but all rose quickly again, one of whom was helped by Hurts. They surrounded a smiling Hurts, who put his arms around them as one of the men who fell tried to take a selfie. Security guards then intervened and asked fans to return to the stands.

“I’m just glad everyone’s safe from it. It’s crazy stuff right there,” Hurts said after the match. “It was a really dangerous situation. I’m just so glad everyone came back from it, it seemed like. Passionate Eagles fans. I love it.”

Philadelphia improved to 9-7 and remains in sixth playoff spot in the NFC. Washington (6-10) was eliminated from the playoffs.

That was not how Washington wanted his home season to end. In a season-opening loss to the Los Angeles Chargers, a pipe connected to rainwater storage broke and soaked a small portion of fans.

ESPN’s Tim McManus contributed to this report.


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