The Puebla goalkeeper appreciates the idea that the Liga MX teams return to the Copa Libertadores

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Liga MX clubs have not participated in the Copa Libertadores in about six years. However, many South American players who play in the league welcome the idea of ​​returning Mexican clubs to competition.

In an interview with AS newspaper, Club Puebla goalkeeper Antony Silva spoke about the prospects for Mexican clubs to return to South American competitions.

The 36-year-old has spent his entire career playing in South America for various clubs before venturing to Mexico. Silva touched on the good elements and structures that the Liga MX teams have against the big clubs that participate in the South American tournament so that the ideal is a return.

“Today, Mexico has a lot of structure to be able to compete at the Copa Libertadores level,” Silva said.

“It is a fairly difficult tournament, in high demand, many different football situations that are taken into account such as transfers, temperatures, altitude, fields. I don’t know about Concacaf; I have faced Panama, Honduras, Guatemala or the United States at the national level. I don’t know what the quality of that tournament will be like ”.

Silva went on to say that Argentine and Brazilian clubs have dominated the Libertadores. Clubs in South America often have trouble competing with these teams due to budgets, but that would not be the case for Mexican clubs.

“What I can assure you because I have been competing in that tournament for many years is that it is competitive and Mexico can compete with the excellent teams it has in the competition,” Silva said.

“There is gigantic competition in South America with Brazil and Argentina. They are the others because of the budget of the teams, but it would be good for them to come back and face all those powers. They have a lot of players in Mexico who can compete in any big team in South America ”.

Finally, the Paraguayan international spoke about financial stability and how competitive the league is compared to others in South America.

“It is a fairly good and competitive league, elite, with players of an excellent level at least in these first days. We had teams with high budgets, so they are players of good size, with high budgets, in that they make a difference with many leagues. Then there are different things that other countries are not going to have, today in South America, these things are complicated, but with the issue of the pandemic many situations are equated, “said Silva.

“There is much more stability here in Mexico; The clubs are much more serious, a lot of things already go into there, structure. In South America there is a lot of talent and there is a lot of competition between one and the other, but there are differences in that sense. The Mexican league is different from other leagues in terms of finances, the strength of the clubs, and that is part of this whole moment of change in football.

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