The probable lineup of OM – Porto in crampons

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On the fourth day of the Champions League group stage, we dive into the probable line-up between OM and FC Porto.

Much more than a simple football match, the clash between OM and FC Porto is an opportunity for the Marseille club to put an end to its spiral of defeats in the Champions League and to give a little color to this return on the lawns of the C1. A match which is also an opportunity to take back third place in the standings and hope to continue the European adventure.

What will be the shirts for the OM – Porto match?

In the first leg, we wondered which jersey Olympique de Marseille could wear against FC Porto since the two clubs share the same colors, white and blue. If the Phocaeans had obviously used the away shirt which is the darkest of the three, the return match will be much simpler since OM will evolve with their traditional white jersey and FC Porto will have no other choice than to play with his navy blue away jersey.


The OM jersey for the match against FC Porto

The FC Porto jersey for the match against OM

The cleats of the players of the match OM – Porto

The shoes of OM players against FC Porto

As for the studs, and the probable composition of OM, it is a fairly homogeneous distribution that should be offered to us since we could find four players in adidas studs, four in Nike and three in Puma. In a club where the brand with the leaping feline has its greatest visibility on French soil, the strong presence of Puma is obviously not a surprise and from Mandanda to Alvaro via Sanson (or Payet), it is the Future and the One which should shine. On the side of adidas and Nike, we will find four faces on each side and especially a visibility of most silos. A treat for lovers of crampons.


The shoes of FC Porto players against OM

In Porto, the distribution will be much less balanced as adidas should be visible at the feet of six players in the starting XI. Whether through the Nemeziz, the Predator, the X Ghosted or the Copa, the German brand and its new Precision to Blur pack will be widely present. Behind it is obviously Nike which occupies second place with four players and in particular the offensive profiles. Puma will also be visible thanks to Chancel Mbemba’s Ultra.

Featured photo credit: Twitter @FCPorto

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