The Phantom GT “Scorpion” is also unveiled in Academy version

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In addition to the Elite models worn by several players, the new Phantom GT “Scorpion” is also available in its Academy version.

Since the release of the Phantom GT “Scorpion” inspired by The Secret Tournament commercial, many subscribers and readers of our site have asked us one thing: “ is it going to be sold in its Academy version “. After a few days of waiting, the answer is now YES, the Phantom GT “Scorpion” is available for sale in a version other than the Elite and will even be crowned with different types of sole.

An iconic model accessible to all

Very often, when special editions are unveiled, we only find the high-end version. We remember, for example, the Future DNA range launched during the first half of the year and which reinstated the iconic crampon codes on current models. Certainly everyone loved seeing so many players wearing these iconic model reissues. But imagine for a single second that the Mercurial Vapor 13, inspired by the 2009 Mercurial Superfly, is not available for sale in an Academy range for less than € 100… The crampon lovers and the nostalgic would have rushed on it and we would have seen it bloom this pair all over the green rectangle. When unveiling the Nike Phantom GT “Scorpion” whose logo alone gives chills, it was hard to believe that the American brand would unveil a full range. Yet four days after the pair was introduced, used on the pitch and released from the ball, different soles of the Phantom GT “Scorpion” Academy are available and even in child sizes.

Indoor, Turf, or simply FG for natural terrains, the choice is wide within this range and for a price that does not exceed € 100 for adults and € 75 for children. A budget vastly different from the Elite range which enthroned between 270 € and 290 € and which could therefore allow a large majority of practitioners to crack on a model not only new but anchored in the history of football boots. Using exactly the same codes as the high-end pairs, the different Academy versions display this mixture of gray, black and yellow and the scorpion of the 2002 advertisement. A nice surprise and above all a first idea of ​​gifts for Christmas …

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A scorpion on the Nike Phantom GT in homage to the advertisement “The Secret Tournament”

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