The Packers quarterback tested positive for COVID, but not Aaron Rodgers

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A Green Bay Packers quarterback has tested positive for COVID-19, and now the quarterback situation behind Aaron Rodgers looks a little worrying.

The Green Bay Packers have not exactly had a ton of fun when it comes to figuring out what’s going on with their quarterbacks this year.

Earlier in the season, Aaron Rodgers’ headlines dominated for several reasons. Between testing positive for COVId-19, his controversial COVID-19 vaccine situation and then a bizarre toe injury that prevented his ability to play at a high level this year,

Now another Packers quarterback has tested positive for COVID-19 and will be out for a while. Jordan Love, the quarterback who previously stepped in when Rodgers had to miss time earlier this year, has been placed on the reserve / COVID-19 list, according to a statement from the Packers.

The Green Bay Packers place quarterback Jordan Love on the reserve / covid-19 list

The Packers are in a difficult position.

With Rodgers’ injured toe limiting him in training and in fights, and now Love out due to COVID-19, Green Bay may have to tumble around to figure out a solution at quarterback if Rodgers should need for an operation sooner rather than later.

It is far from an ideal situation for Green Bay. Especially in a year where the Packers should be able to fight for a Super Bowl. If Rodgers has to miss some time because of his toe and Love can not return from the COVID-19 list quickly, it could get a little tough for the Packers.

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