The Packers could lose OC Nathaniel Hackett to head coach job

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The Green Bay Packers may lose offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett to the Jacksonville Jaguars vacant as head coach.

With the No. 1 seed collected in the NFC, the Green Bay Packers could potentially lose their offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett to a head-coaching appearance at a place he knows very well: the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Hackett left Duval to join Matt LaFleur’s Green Bay staff in 2019. Jacksonville cratered immediately after Hackett’s departure. Now the Jaguars are looking for their third head coach in as many seasons. Jacksonville is one of only two vacancies in the NFL at the moment, but the franchise has begun searching for its next head coach. Hackett plans to interview the team while saying goodbye.

“I owed this organization, all these players, we wanted to finish that No. 1 seed,” Hackett said Thursday. “It was so important to do. And it’s definitely an honor to be considered for something like this.”

“So we want to say goodbye because we’ve packed that No. 1 seed. We’re really excited about that opportunity. I think it’s a dream for any football coach at all to have an opportunity to potentially become a head coach.”

What are the chances that Hackett will end up being named Jaguar’s next head coach?

The Green Bay Packers could lose OC Nathaniel Hackett to the Jacksonville Jaguars

Of the many candidates interviewing for the Jacksonville concert, Hackett is one of three to keep a watchful eye on. The other two are former Jaguars quarterback and current Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator Bryon Leftwich, as well as former Houston Texans head coach and current Alabama Crimson Tide offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien. These feel like the three finalists for it.

Hackett has a good chance because he not only thrives in Green Bay, but represents the best of the Doug Marrone era in Jacksonville. Interestingly, Marrone is working with O’Brien now on Nick Saban’s staff as Crimson Tide’s offensive line coach. Outside of Jacksonville, Hackett could also be a candidate for a handful of other jobs, such as in Denver.

Another NFC Championship Game appearance almost certainly guarantees that Hackett gets a head coaching appearance somewhere. Whether it is with Jacksonville remains to be seen. The timing is right for him to get this next big opportunity. By getting this interview with the Jaguars off the road before the playoffs, it can take the pressure off both parties to get a potential deal in place.

If Jacksonville does not fill his vacancy right away, it could be because Hackett is their choice.

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