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EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – We go round and round. The New York Giants are spinning in their own dung, and every other year it looks like they’re in the same spot with another head coach fired.

This time it was Joe Judge who had the indignity of losing his job on Tuesday after working on an inadequate list. Meanwhile, general manager Dave Gettleman, the chef who bought groceries and in part responsible for the deaths of Judge and his predecessor, Pat Shurmur, was allowed to retire gracefully a day earlier.

The Giants are stuck in this vicious circle – with their last three coaches having lasted two seasons or less – and co-owners John Mara and Steve Tisch are responsible for the carnage. It has been one mistake after another, with lots of losses left.

The Giants are the worst team in the NFL in the last five seasons with a record of 22-59. All they have to do to see what a bad franchise looks like is look in a mirror.

A record of 4-13 this season led to the firing. The referee was given 6-10 in 2020 as the first-time head coach in a season praised for ownership after the team looked set to make significant progress as it progressed. Judges have been talking in recent weeks about all the gains behind the scenes and being closer to respectability than the outside world was aware of.

The ownership apparently disagreed and there was a quick turnaround.

“I said before the season started that I would feel good about the direction we were heading when we played our last game of the season,” Mara said in a statement. “Unfortunately, I can not make that statement and that is why we have made this decision.”

This is not to say that Judge is not also to blame for his own death. If the Giants had simply lost respectfully late this season, he probably would still have a job. Not only could they not score (they topped 10 points once in the last six games with backup quarterbacks), but they could barely even fall back to deliver as a functioning NFL team.

Judge also aroused the masses by walking around for 11 minutes after a 29-3 loss to the Chicago Bears in Week 17 and turned the organization into a punchline when he ran back-to-back quarterback sneaks inside his own 5-yard last Sunday. line in to provide more room to bet in the second quarter.

The Giants, a once proud organization, are now looking up to people like the Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans. It seems almost impossible to write.

Now they at least have a chance to completely scrap it all and start over. They never really did when they hired Gettleman (a member of the extended Giants family) before the 2017 season ended. That move led to him running back with quarterback Eli Manning, drawing running back Saquon Barkley No. 2 overall in 2018, and the rest is history.

The giants have already thrown a wide net outside their building in search of a new general manager. Buffalo assistant general manager Joe Schoen will get the first crack at impressing the brass in his first interview via Zoom on Wednesday. Kansas City Chiefs Director Ryan Poles is also among the interviews and one of the names that has been talked about a lot in the building for several weeks.

The new general manager then has no real limitations. He does not have to worry about Judge hanging around as a potential lame-duck coach or an aversion to revising the front office or modernizing the Giants’ operations. Almost everything – apart from firing ownership – is on the table at this point.

Potential GM candidates were actually under the impression that the judge would not be pressured on them even before he was fired on Tuesday. So this has always been an option.

These moves should allow the new coach and general manager to be adjusted, something that should have happened two years ago when the staff referees.

Get ready, 1925 Giants Drive.


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