The New Orleans Saints are showing off new black helmet designs for the upcoming season

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METAIRIE, La. – The NFL’s new helmet rule will allow more teams to bring back some classic throwback looks this season. And in the case of the New Orleans Saints, it will also introduce something new.

The Saints unveiled a new black helmet on Thursday, which will be worn in at least one match in 2022. The only second time the Saints wore black helmets in franchise history was for a 1969 preseason game.

The Saints plan to pair the new black helmets with their popular all-white Color Rush jerseys. However, it sounds as if pass-rusher Cameron Jordan is also fighting for a completely black look.

“I think the black helmets, when stuck out properly, can be a fire attack,” Jordan said. “I also hoped we would be black on black, but that’s cool. I like the idea of ​​having a black helmet. I want to push forward and say I want a gold uniform. Just throw it out there. for a thousand times. “

The NFL changed its rule, which used to ban teams from wearing multiple helmets due to safety concerns. So we could see classic looks like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ‘”creamsicle” uniforms and the New England Patriots’ “Pat Patriot” logo. However, the league required that the primary and alternative helmets be of the same make, model and size. And the alternative helmets should be worn for at least a week in training during the week in which they are to be worn.

“I think it’s an idea that’s been around for a while. And it’s a kind of league initiative,” Saints coach Dennis Allen said of the helmet unveiling. “I don’t really go that much in depth and get involved in it. But I thought it looked a little cool, so I thought, ‘Okay, let’s do this.'”

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