The new normal? Mourinho greets Spurs ‘adults’ after victory in the North London derby

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Tottenham were expected to return to “normalcy” in a three-game streak against Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal, but they have proven their skeptics wrong, says José Mourinho.

Spurs claimed the right to brag in the North London derby with a shocking punch from Son Heung-min and a tremendous effort from Harry Kane, his 250th goal for the club and his country and a record 11 against Arsenal, he said. a 2-0 win on Sunday.

The victory sent Mourinho’s side back to the top of the Premier League, where they will remain for at least the week unless Liverpool beat Wolves by nine goals.

Mourinho’s team, which had 30.8 percent possession against Arsenal but allowed only two attempts on goal, both well saved by Hugo Lloris, now have seven points in their last three league games, having drawn against Chelsea and have beaten Manchester City. .

The Tottenham boss had previously referred to his team as a “pony” in the title race and was asked if that opinion has now changed.

“We have three more points than we had. We grew up, ”a smiling Mourinho told Sky Sports.

“I imagine a lot of people think that three games in a row – City, Chelsea, Arsenal – would be a time for us to lose points and get back to ‘normal’, but we didn’t go back to ‘normal’.

“We won seven points out of nine and we are there, we are just there. I think one more week at the top, unless Liverpool win by many [goals], and against the Wolves, they won’t win by many. “

Tottenham managed just six touches in the Arsenal area, with Kane restricted to three in the Gunners’ 18-yard area. In fact, the England captain had more touches in his own final third as he helped the Spurs defend nine corners.

“Working like animals, with all due respect to animals, I love animals, don’t get me wrong, but working incredibly hard when the team didn’t have the ball,” Mourinho said of his scorers Kane e Son.

“Kane clearing balls in the box. Sonny in the first 60 minutes working hard on [Hector] Bellerin and then as a second striker working his centrals.

“It’s not just about scoring goals. They are world-class players, they are also great boys, great professionals who give everything for the team ”.

Although he believes his team was a worthy winner, Mourinho praised Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta, whose team is 15th, 11 points behind local rivals.

“I want to congratulate Mikel, because he gave us a very difficult game, because tactically they were very organized, they gave us problems,” he said.

“Problems that we managed to solve because at this moment the players have a good tactical culture and on top of that they have an incredible spirit, but they gave us problems because they are a good team and he is a good coach.

I’m very happy with the result, with the performance, but of course I want the team to be able to play in a different way, but in reality sometimes you don’t do what you want because the opponent forces you to enter. in a certain direction, and of course it was a time not to take chances.

“You are winning 2-0, why are you going to expose your defensive block if it is not necessary? It was a very difficult match, when to change, what to do. I can imagine that tomorrow the headlines will be about [Arsenal] not being in a good position in the table but I think that with those players, with Mikel, Arsenal will be Arsenal again ”.

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