The new Nike Mercurial Vapor IX 02 Mercurial

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In this period of preparation for the World Cup, it seems that the trend is towards the resumption of the classics. So, if we say to you 2002, Brazil and the World Cup, do you necessarily think of the famous Ronaldo and his Nike Mercurial Vapor I from the final?

This new shoe uses the original colors, namely metallic gray (McLaren F1 inspiration) with the comma in black as the inscription O2M. In addition, the Nike on the inside of the shoe will be in flashy yellow just like the studs. Note also that the sole is transparent which reinforces the carbon look of the shoe.


Nike Mercurial Vapor IX 02 Mercurial (3)

Finally, if these new shoes refer to those of 2002, technology has nevertheless evolved with Nike Flywire technology. The release is scheduled just before the start of the World Cup.

It remains to be seen which player will wear it but also whether they will bring as much luck as in 2002 in Brazil.

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