The new adidas Copa already unveiled by a former OM

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Torino player Nicolas Nkoulou is the latest player to test the next-gen adidas COPA and could be the first player seen with the pair’s launch colourway, leading us to believe they could land very quickly.

We have seen the prototype of the new COPA in the feet of several professional players so far, including those of its two main ambassadors João Felix and Paulo Dybala. But what we saw at the feet of Nicolas Nkoulou could be the first official colorway of the pair. And if we are to believe the periods of crampon releases favored by the equipment manufacturers, it could land very quickly.

New generation adidas COPA

When the first players seen with COPA were testing a full black prototype, Nkoulou was wearing a model, most of which is black but shows a touch of gold on the sole and heel. For the rest of the shoe, leather remains the central element of this pair and presents new patterns that will surely aim to improve the touch and comfort. Another important change seems to be emerging at the level of the neck, which is wider, to perhaps make it easier to put on and increase the freedom of the ankle.

Two years after its launch, the adidas COPA is ready to experience its first real modification and we can’t wait to find out. Stay tuned to not miss any news around the next COPA.

Photo credits: @ torinofc1906 (Instagram)

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