The Manchester United legend criticizes the attitude of the current star and declares that he will never be a great club

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Manchester United treble Teddy Sheringham has criticized current midfielder Paul Pogba’s attitude and believes the Frenchman will never be considered one of the club’s greats.

Sheringham, now retired, was involved in the Red Devils for four years (1997-2001), during a period in which the Englishman lifted eight major trophies.

Arguably the best moment in the retired forward’s history came during the 1999 Champions League final.

The famous match saw Sheringham substituted and he scored a last-minute tying goal against Bayern Munich before current manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer claimed the winner moments later.

The forward was directly involved in 74 goals in 153 appearances. If anyone knows what it takes to be successful at Old Trafford, it is Sheringham.

However, recently speaking about his old club, Sheringham hasn’t held back when it comes to current midfielder Pogba.

“It’s just a checkered situation that doesn’t normally happen with the best players, and obviously he’s a top-tier player.” Sheringham said Aim.

“He is a talented and quality player, but there are too many ups and downs for me, and when you play for Manchester United, you cannot afford that. If he is a top player, you are not left out of the team. “

Pogba, 27, is currently in his second spell with United, following his transfer to Juventus in 2012.

After returning to the club in 2016 on a worthwhile deal. £ 94.5 millionPogba’s second coming has seen the Frenchman come under intense criticism from fans and experts alike.

After a string of inconsistent performances, Pogba has largely failed to live up to his staggering price and Sheringham feels the midfielder’s mentality is the biggest problem.

“Could you be for a couple of games” Sheringham added. “Just to kick your ass and make sure you get back on track, but for him to be on and off the team, [it raises] question marks all the time, it can’t be correct.

“Now, you have to go to Manchester United and say, ‘I want to be a great Manchester United while I’m here and I’m going to show it to everyone who doubts.’

“He doesn’t seem to have gotten that in his mind, he’s just saying, ‘I don’t care what you think!'”

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