The great Jim McMahon still nurtures the Packers for dirty hit

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The great Jim McMahon still nurtures the Packers for dirty hit.

Former Pro Bowler and Chicago Bears legend Jim McMahon spoke on Twitter on Monday night about his stance on this dirty game:

He says he thinks it was the dirtiest game in NFL history, marking it as the time “when it all started.”

McMahon has previously been on the record, discussing his struggles with symptoms that have been shared by former CTE players. Since publicizing his concerns about chronic headaches and even suicidal thoughts, he has become a face for retired NFL players seeking relief and support from the league for its greatest downfall – hiding the dangers and potential of progressive brain damage.

Bears: Jim McMahon discusses dirty Packers hits

As for hit or post-play body slam, more like that, it can certainly be the dirtiest ever. While McMahon looked at the results of a pass he had just thrown, Packers defensive lineman Charles Martin Bears pursued quarterback and threw him to the ground, leading his head directly into the turf.

There is never, and has never been, an excuse for malicious intent like the one on the football field, regardless of the intensity of a rivalry. Of course, the game has evolved, and monster hits are far less regular Sunday afternoon in today’s games, but what Charles Martin did after this game would be considered completely out of line in any era.

NFC North rivalry is as deep as any other across sports, and the events of the 1980s were crucial to creating such bad blood between the Bears and the Packers. For example, that very day, Charles Martin dressed up in his Packers road uniform and stuffed a white towel into his belt with numbers written on it – one for each player he intended to hit.

McMahon’s No. 9 was on the list, and that moment may have been the closest Martin came to him all day. Although the game resulted in a Chicago win, McMahon went after a measly 12-of-32, for 95 yards and three interceptions. Why exactly he was the target of such a dirty play, especially on a day like that, no one will ever understand.

Martin is notoriously remembered for this one play, and McMahon will probably never let it go.

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